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  • WSBBR512G5
  • WSBBR512G5
  • WSBBR512G5
  • The W-DMX™ BlackBox R-512 G5 receiver is a time-saving solution for permanent indoor installations, like TV studios, concert halls and large-venues. As a receive-only system, it uses 2.4GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands, giving access to more channels, and alternatives to crowded wireless environments. The BlackBox G5 series come with an M10 thread for easy clamp or spigot mounting.


    Single universe DMX receiver (RDM optional)
    W-DMX™ G5 protocol – backward compatible with G3 and G4S
    Double-up mode in G5: two universes in one box
    Tough die-cast metal casing with M10 connector for clamp or spigot
    Invisi-wire high-fidelity technology – output matches input
    Datasafe technology – wireless fidelity and error correction
    Less than 5 ms latency
    Complete DMX512 support
    Full RDM support
    One-button-to-go technology for ease of use
    Adaptive frequency hopping radio
    2.4 GHz – license-free worldwide
    5.2 GHz – new, exclusive to W-DMX™ *
    5.8 GHz – provides access to ‘virgin’ spectrum *
    90v – 250v AC input or 12V DC input
    Interchangeable antennas – easily expand your range
    Ships standard with 3dBi indoor antenna
    Compatible with all W-DMX™ OEM products
    * Triple band function with 5GHz may not be available in all countries, please contact your local dealer or Wireless Solution for more information.

    Codice Accessorio
    WSBBR512G5 (optional)
    WSBBF2G5 (optional)
    WSBBF1G5 (optional)
    *WIRELESS SOLUTION, Gancio QuickLock per BlackBox MK2
    WSBBR512G5 (optional)
    WSBBF2G5 (optional)
    WSBBF1G5 (optional)
    MICROF1G5 (optional)
    WSWBF1G5 (optional)
    WSWBF2G5 (optional)
    MICROR512G5 (optional)
    WSPBF2500G5 (optional)
    BOXT1 (optional)
    Strumento di Wi-Fi coesistenza , Software incluso


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