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PROLIGHTS PANORAMAs light up 12th Century Norwegian Stave Church

19 March 2019

Scandinavia – The last week of January saw the historic Norwegian Stave Church at the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo.

One of the most historic Stave Churches in Norway dating back to the 12th century, spent the beginning of January as a centrepiece for renowned lighting designer Gard Gitlestad’s masterpiece. The exterior lighting installation was designed to highlight the church’s unique architecture whilst needing to be robust in order to combat the elements.

The fixtures used only consisted of the PROLIGHTS PANORAMAIP series. The first range of their kind to offer the whole IP range of beam, spot and wash. The range offers a phenomenal output whilst not compromising on zoom range and all in a compact housing making this range a truly unique offering.

When discussing the IP ranging of the fixtures, designer Gard Gitlestad explains, “After having used the PANORAMA series for a week outdoors in the Norwegian winter, I am impressed by their ability to handle adverse weather and copious amounts of snow. The possibility of bringing moving heads outdoors, without any worries regarding moisture ingress or condensation, opens for some very exciting possibilities for temporary architectural lighting. For this project we used 14 moving heads for a job that would otherwise have required several dozens of static fixtures and lots of tedious and time consuming focusing.”

Gitlestad continues, “All three PANORAMA models have proven versatile, especially the Spot. Its zoom range makes it useful both for highlighting architectural details and ornaments as well as washing larger parts of a building, and it is capable of producing a wide range of both pastel and saturated colours. I am especially impressed by its ability to wash a black(!) stained-wood facade with a deep, saturated blue colour from the filter wheel; that would be a tough job in any case, and especially with a very dark building.“

The Air Beam of the PANORAMAIP series (PANORAMAIPAB) has made way for multi-faceted uses ranging from indoor events right through to fighting the elements in the harsh outdoors. The bright, fat 2 beam pierces through the skyline and shows off spectacular beams. When using the fixture Gitlestad explains, “Perhaps surprisingly, the Beam was also quite useful for architectural applications. In addition to the mid-air beam effects, the frost filter turned out to be able to soften and enlarge the beam so much that it could also be used as a sort of spot with a strong centre beam, which was quite handy for highlighting building details and shapes.”

Finally, when discussing the PANORAMAIPWBX “The Wash is first and foremost immensely bright, and like the Spot, it has a very versatile zoom range. The outer LED ring is an irresistable effect, which I found particularly fun to play with as a strobe effect, but the output of the ring itself is actually strong enough to be useful for purposes beyond just eye-candy.”

Local Distributors: PROSTAGE AS (NORWAY)

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