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18 June 2024 The South Outdoor Festival shines with PROLIGHTS
PROLIGHTS products lit up the South Outdoor Festival in Borsh, an event aimed at enhancing tourism in the south region of Albania, celebrating, every year, community outdoor activities: sports, nature, food, music and entertainment.  For the seventh...»»»
11 June 2024 Resolution X chooses the EclProfile CT+ range for its inventory
Resolution X updated its rental inventory by selecting the PROLIGHTS LED ellipsoidals EclProfile CT+ and EclProfile CT+ IP . Relying on Show Technology, PROLIGHTS distributor in Australia, the rental company selected 700 units of the EclProfile CT+ range,...»»»
07 June 2024 PROLIGHTS products illuminate the TV Show "The Passion"
PROLIGHTS products illuminated the TV show "The Passion," broadcasted in the Netherlands and Germany, and produced by Media Water Production, KRO-NCRV, and RTL Deutschland. The lighting setup provided by Full AVL, PROLIGHTS distributor in the Neatherlands,...»»»
04 June 2024 PROLIGHTS Introduces New PC Lenses for the EclFresnel CT+ M and S Series
PROLIGHTS is thrilled to unveil the new PC lenses for the EclFresnel CT+ series in sizes S and M , a significant addition that offers greater versatility for professional lighting applications. With the dedicated retrofit kits, it is possible to easily...»»»
28 May 2024 EclDisplay lights up the East Slovak Gallery in Košice
EclDisplay DAT units have been included in the new lighting setup at the East Slovak Gallery in Košice, a cultural center and historical cornerstone of Slovak culture conservation and transmission since 1951. The gallery, which has undergone several...»»»
22 May 2024 Arena Cob4FC lights up Christina Stürmer MTV Unplugged concert
PROLIGHTS Arena Cob4FC lit up Christina Stürmer's MTV Unplugged concert, an event celebrating the 20-year career of the Austrian pop-rock singer. The live broadcast from the Volkstheater in Vienna was produced by Das Rund GmbH, set in an environment...»»»
14 May 2024 PROLIGHTS products shine at Kostrena Seamen's House
PROLIGHTS products illuminated the new interpretive center "The Sailors' House" in Kostrena, conceived as a cultural and tourist hub dedicated to promoting and disseminating maritime traditions in the area. The interpretive center was designed as a journey...»»»
09 May 2024 Seamless AV Chooses PROLIGHTS to Expand Its Inventory
Seamless AV has chosen PROLIGHTS' Astra Wash19PixIP to update its inventory in response to the increased demand for outdoor installations. Alex Moffat, Director of Seamless AV, consulted Show Technology, the PROLIGHTS distributor in Australia, for the...»»»
07 May 2024 PROLIGHTS Astra Hybrid330 lights up Hannover State Opera Ball 2024
The Hannover State Opera selected PROLIGHTS Astra Hybrid330 to light up the 2024 Opera Ball, held under the theme " Let the Sunshine In ". The event drew over 3,330 guests and showcased a range of musical performances, from classical to modern, necessitating...»»»
03 May 2024 PROLIGHTS Extends Architectural Products Warranty to 5 Years
PROLIGHTS is pleased to announce the extension of the warranty for its Architectural product line to 5 years starting May 2024. This update demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality and long-lasting solutions, along with excellent post-sales...»»»
29 April 2024 PROLIGHTS VersaPar Lights Up "100Minuti" Studio on La7
PROLIGHTS' VersaPar has been included in the lighting setup for "100Minuti," the new prime-time show on the La7 network, hosted by Corrado Formigli and investigative journalist Alberto Nerazzini. Provided and installed by AMG International, the VersaPar...»»»
26 April 2024 Fordtronic AV chooses PROLIGHTS Astra Hybrid330 for its Inventory
Fordtronic AV, a dry hire company in the audiovisual solutions industry for corporate events, has expanded its inventory with the Astra Hybrid330 and the EclProfile CT+ from PROLIGHTS. Jonathon Ford, General Manager and Chief AV Technician at Fordtronic,...»»»
24 April 2024 PROLIGHTS introduces AetherBox LITE
PROLIGHTS introduces the AetherBox LITE , a single-universe Wireless CRMX Transceiver designed to enhance lighting control in professional installations while staying within budget. This device provides industry professionals with a practical and reliable...»»»
22 April 2024 PROLIGHTS products lights up the Nacht der Werbung event in Salzburg
PROLIGHTS' lighting solutions lit up the "Nacht der Werbung" event in Salzburg, hosted at the Mozarteum, where the Salzburg State Prize for Marketing, Communication, and Design was awarded. Key to the success of the lighting setup was the strategic deployment...»»»
19 April 2024 PROLIGHTS Shines at the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Launch in Poland
Duda-Cars, in collaboration with event specialists Kukoni, unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT in Poland, a dazzling event illuminated by PROLIGHTS' advanced lighting solutions. The venue was skillfully outfitted by KUkoni, who employed an array of...»»»
16 April 2024 The Astra Profile600IP Lights Illuminate St. Anton's Slopes
In St.Anton, Austria, the ski season is transformed into a vivid spectacle of lights, thanks to the Astra Profile600IP . The event, titled “Schneetreiben - The Show Must Go On” , features the grace of skiing with technological advancement, celebrating...»»»
09 April 2024 The Astra Wash19Pix Lights Up the Australian Chinese New Year Gala
The  Astra Wash19Pix by PROLIGHTS illuminated the annual Chinese New Year Gala in Australia for 2024, held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. This event celebrated the richness of Chinese culture, featuring over 60 performances ranging from martial...»»»
05 April 2024 PROLIGHTS fixtures light up Madame Tussauds museum in Budapest
PROLIGHTS products have lit up the new Madame Tussauds museum in Budapest. The project was followed by the system integrator company Lisys-Project, under the guidance of project managers Gábor Kele and Gábor Nyéky, and Hungarian lighting designer János...»»»
03 April 2024 PROLIGHTS Introduces High-Definition Optics for Enhanced Projection Quality
PROLIGHTS announces the launch of the High Definition Optics for the Ecl Display series. Engineered to redefine projection quality, these optics deliver unparalleled precision, stark contrast, and distortion-free imaging. The HDL optics range comprises...»»»
29 March 2024 PROLIGHTS Smart BatPlus at Buckingham Palace
PROLIGHTS Smart BatPlus , provided by Luminosity Lighting Services Ltd, illuminated the Blue Room and Music Room of Buckingham Palace for an exclusive TV broadcast shooting. Luminosity Lighting Services Ltd strategically positioned a total of 18 Smart...»»»
26 March 2024 PROLIGHTS expands the EclDisplay range with the new EclDisplay CAS featuring integrated Casambi control
PROLIGHTS is thrilled to announce the introduction of the EclDisplay CAS , the latest addition to the EclDisplay projector range for gallery applications, featuring integrated Casambi control onboard. The Casambi protocol enables system integrators to...»»»
22 March 2024 PROLIGHTS EclPar IPMFC impress at RESOLUTION X
When Resolution X saw the PROLIGHTS EclPar IPMFC multipurpose LED fixture, they knew it was the perfect fit for a special long-term project which is yet to launch, however, in the meantime, they've been on multiple high end corporate events since coming...»»»
19 March 2024 PROLIGHTS illuminates ERT 3 studios
The ERT 3 studios have upgraded their lighting system by introducing the EclPanel TWC and EclFresnel CT+M by PROLIGHTS into their inventory. The project, overseen by Kariotis Lighting, PROLIGHTS distributor in Greece, has brought a significant improvement...»»»
12 March 2024 PROLIGHTS products Illuminate Swan Park Theatre
Swan Park Theatre, a cornerstone of the arts within the City of Swan, has experienced a transformative upgrade in its lighting setup, with PROLIGHTS lighting solutions provided by Show Technology. Managed by the Calisthenics Society of Western Australia,...»»»
04 March 2024 PROLIGHTS introduces the EclPendant S series: Compact, Versatile and Seamless house lights
PROLIGHTS is proud to unveil its latest innovation in installation lighting - the EclPendant S series. This new addition to the PROLIGHTS EclPendant range redefines indoor lighting by combining compact design, versatile application, and quality of light....»»»
04 March 2024 PROLIGHTS introduces the ArcSpot series: Setting New Standards in Outdoor Lighting Solutions
PROLIGHTS is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in outdoor lighting: the ArcSpot Series. This collection of IP66-rated dynamic luminaires is designed to revolutionize the industry, offering unparalleled versatility and durability for permanent outdoor...»»»
29 February 2024 PROLIGHTS' EclDisplay lights illuminate the Abrahamic Family House
The PROLIGHTS EclDisplay DAT fixtures have illuminated the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, UAE, a project that represents a fusion of technology and architectural design with significant cultural importance. This initiative marks the first time that...»»»
23 February 2024 DisplayCob light up After Laughter Comes Tears exhibition
PROLIGHTS' DisplayCob FC  illuminated "After Laughter Comes Tears," a performative exhibition held at the MUDAM, Luxembourg's leading contemporary museum. The exhibition showcased the diverse works of 34 artists, employing a variety of media to create...»»»
16 February 2024 ArcShine M18FCs light up "Numbers on the Board" Podcast Studio
Eastern Lighting Design has completed the lighting design and installation for the new Chicago-based studio of the sports podcast "Numbers on the Board," hosted by Kenny Beecham and produced by Omaha Productions. The project involved 11 PROLIGHTS ArcShine...»»»
09 February 2024 PROLIGHTS Mosaico series Illuminates the Naval Academy of Livorno with the Colors of the Italian Flag
PROLIGHTS Mosaico series illuminated the main facade of the Naval Academy of Livorno with the colors of the Italian flag. Spazi Sonori Live, the company responsible for implementing the project, faced numerous technical challenges to complete this emblematic...»»»
31 January 2024 PROLIGHTS DisplayCob FC illuminate the “Dying in Beauty” exhibition
PROLIGHTS DisplayCob TRWDFC illuminated the "Dying in Beauty" exhibition at the Drents Museum Assen, in an innovative collaboration with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the National Archaeological Park of Herculaneum. The exhibition...»»»
29 January 2024 PROLIGHTS introduces Jet Hybrid200: The New Standard in Versatile, Budget-Friendly Moving Light
PROLIGHTS proudly announces the launch of its latest product - the Jet Hybrid200 . This new fixture is a budget-friendly, hybrid beam-spot moving light, redefining efficiency and versatility for indoor venues and small live performances. The Jet Hybrid200...»»»
29 January 2024 PROLIGHTS Unveils the NEW Astra Hybrid330IP: Industry's first IP LED moving Hybrid
PROLIGHTS is proud to announce the expansion of its successful Astra Hybrid330 range with a new addition: the Astra Hybrid330IP. This unit stands as the market's first IP65 LED moving hybrid, engineered for mixed use indoor and outdoor. The Astra Hybrid330IP...»»»
26 January 2024 Gotcha AV+ Group illuminates the Holidays with PROLIGHTS' Mosaico range
Gotcha AV+ has chosen the PROLIGHTS Mosaico range for their holiday season installations in 2023, bringing a magical touch to festive celebrations. For the Hotel Van der Valk Gilze in Tilburg, the Gotcha AV+ Group selected the Mosaico series to light...»»»
17 January 2024 PROLIGHTS lights up Italia's Got Talent 13
The 13th edition of " Italia's Got Talent ", the famous Italian television talent show, was lit up by PROLIGHTS products. Broadcasted for the first time in Europe on the Disney+ streaming platform, the series relied on AMG International s.r.l. for stage...»»»
09 January 2024 Prolights Astra Beams lighting up the Wonder Garden in Riyadh
PROLIGHTS fixtures have transformed the Wonder Garden amusement park in Riyadh into a spectacle of light and colors. The park now boasts a captivating illumination setup featuring the Astra fixtures by PROLIGHTS. The project features 150 Astra Beam260IP...»»»
03 January 2024 Kinderlachen Gala Shines with the PROLIGHTS Astra Series
The Kinderlachen Gala was illuminated by PROLIGHTS products, an annual event celebrating individuals distinguished for their humanity, altruism, and civic engagement throughout the year. René Geißel, responsible for the technical implementation of...»»»


28 December 2023 PROLIGHTS Illuminates the Concert Hall Theater in Tilburg
In collaboration with FullAVL, PROLIGHTS distributor in the Netherlands, Lichtpunt Theatertechniek has delivered a cutting-edge PROLIGHTS lighting system to the Concert Hall Theater in Tilburg. Renowned for its versatility, the Concert Hall Theater hosts...»»»
22 December 2023 United Media chooses a complete a PROLIGHTS lighting setup for its studios
United Media, leading media company of Southeast Europe, has carried out a significant upgrade of its lighting equipment by choosing PROLIGHTS projectors. With an extensive portfolio of 55 television channels distributed across 8 countries, United Media...»»»
19 December 2023 Harmonic Sound GmbH & Co. chose PROLIGHTS Astra Hybrid330 for a major upgrade
The Harmonic Sound GmbH & Co. has chosen to expand its inventory by investing in PROLIGHTS' Astra Hybrid330 . Matthias Führer, the head of the lighting technology team at Harmonic Sound, had clear ideas about the projector: "We were looking for a compact...»»»
15 December 2023 PROLIGHTS Mosaico range turns Sondrio into a captivating Forest of Lights
Sondrio has been transformed into an enchanting Christmas landscape with a mesmerizing light show, made possible by the PROLIGHTS Mosaico range image projectors. The project, managed by the communication agency Sviluppo Creativo and the rental company...»»»
05 December 2023 PROLIGHTS Shines Bright at Fanuc's Inauguration in France
PROLIGHTS products illuminated the inauguration of Fanuc's new headquarters in France. The globally recognized leader in robotics chose to mark the grand opening of its new location in Lisses, France, with an exclusive event that showcased cutting-edge...»»»
30 November 2023 Rock me Amadeus: PROLIGHTS Astra Wash illuminate the Falco Musical in Vienna
For its global premiere on the stage of Vienna's Ronacher Theater, the musical " Rock me Amadeus - The Falco Musical " was brilliantly illuminated using PROLIGHTS' Astra Wash. This musical, replete with evocative scenes, intricate choreography, and dazzling...»»»
24 November 2023 NicLen expands its inventory with Astra Hybrid330
NicLen has expanded its rental park by acquiring the Astra Hybrid330 . Provided by Lightpower, PROLIGHTS distributor in Germany, this hybrid LED moving head offers a versatile range of applications and effects, establishing itself as the latest multifunctional...»»»
21 November 2023 Prolights products on the top of Europe
PROLIGHTS products took part in the new interactive installation “Top of Europe” at the Jungfraujoch railway station, the highest in Europe, perched at 3454 meters above sea level. Tasked by Jungfrau Railways, Jungfraubahn Holding AG, the installation...»»»
16 November 2023 The FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 Illuminated by Prolights fixtures
The FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023, hosted at the Constanța Masters in the City Park Mall, was illuminated by a lighting setup composed of Prolights products. For its inauguration in Romania, the FIBA 3x3 World Tour attracted sixteen top-level teams from around...»»»
14 November 2023 Jet Wash7 illuminates the Vibes' Urban Garden room
PROLIGHTS' Jet Wash7 illuminated the Urban Garden room of the Vibes complex in Eindhoven. From a sports center to a location for corporate and private events, Vibes is a concept location based on technology, innovation, knowledge and design and unfolds...»»»
10 November 2023 PROLIGHTS products Illuminates Marragheddon Festival
PROLIGHTS products illuminated the Marrageddon festival, an unprecedented celebration of Italian hip-hop, conceived and hosted by hip-hop icon Marracash. With two dates between Milan and Naples, the festival hosted an exceptional lineup of important...»»»
07 November 2023 EclFresnel CT+ Series - Revolutionizing LED Fresnels
PROLIGHTS proudly introduces the EclFresnel CT+ series , an innovative range of LED Fresnel fixtures designed to redefine the standard in the category. With an newly engineered 6-color Spektra calibrated LED source, designed and manufactured in Europe,...»»»
03 November 2023 Prolights' EclPanel Shines in TV Commercial with MS Dhoni
The PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC series shone in a recent television commercial featuring the iconic Indian cricket player, Mr. MS Dhoni, thanks to the lighting services provided by Light Craft & Sound Pvt Ltd. The lighting setup included over 150 projectors,...»»»
30 October 2023 Cannon Hill Anglican College Auditorium shines with Prolights Fresnels
Cannon Hill Anglican College in Brisbane, Australia, has upgraded its auditorium with an all-LED lighting rig  including the Prolights EclFresnel 2K and EcLFresnel Jr . Thanks to these fixtures, the College now has access to a vast palette of thousands...»»»
26 October 2023 Prolights illuminates the new location of Science Park Towers
The grand unveiling of the new Science Park Towers headquarters within the Jonkoping Science Park showcased a state-of-the-art, innovative lighting setup with PROLIGHTS fixtures. The Science Park serves as a dynamic hub that brings together entrepreneurs,...»»»
24 October 2023 Prolights EclDisplay range transforms Belconnen Arts Centre Gallery
Belconnen Art Center has chosen Prolights' EclDisplay range as the main lighting system for its innovative and modern Window Gallery, an exhibition gallery overlooking the street. This innovative space operates in 24-hour mode and is visible from the...»»»
19 October 2023 PROLIGHTS Astra Family shines bright at Hamburger Börs
PROLIGHTS Astra Family brilliantly illuminated the unforgettable "A Show Larger than Life" performance at the iconic Hamburger Börs in Stockholm, delivering a breathtaking visual experience that left the audience utterly captivated. This event, featuring...»»»
13 October 2023 Sunblast 3000FC at the 2023 Men's European Volleyball Championship
The semifinals and final of the 2023 Men's European Volleyball Championship, held at the PalaEur in Rome, shone brightly thanks to the innovative use of Prolights' Sunblast 3000FC The entire lighting system for this event was provided by Europroduzione...»»»
10 October 2023 PROLIGHTS fixtures shine Bright at Salz21: The Home of Innovation
Salz21, the premier trade fair for startups and new technologies, was illuminated by the dynamic lighting setup designed by Revolution Rental, featuring an innovative LED array of PROLIGHTS fixtures. This vibrant collaboration not only heightened the...»»»
06 October 2023 Sunblast 3000FC on tour with Håkan Hellström
PROLIGHTS Sunblast 3000FC illuminated Swedish singer Håkan Hellström's summer tour. Creative Technologies Sweden provided 32 of these remarkable fixtures, which powered a series of 15 sensational shows, spanning the entire nation. The decision to entrust...»»»
04 October 2023 PROLIGHTS Fixtures Illuminate Echelon Festival
Echelon Festival, renowned as one of Germany's foremost techno and house music festivals, was illuminated with a stunning display of PROLIGHTS fixtures. This electrifying event took place at the historic Ehemalige US Kaserne, a former NSA Satellite Tracking...»»»
02 October 2023 PROLIGHTS EclPanels TWC illuminated the DRM Hall of the Zandvoort circuit
Prolights  EclPanels TWC were successfully used in the creation of the brand new DRM Multimedia Lounge in the Zandvoort circuit. The main objective of this project was the transformation of a space into a spectacular multimedia lounge, which could combine...»»»
27 September 2023 PROLIGHTS Astra Wash37Pix are Golden
PROLIGHTS' Astra Wash37Pix lights illuminated Australian DJ Golden Features' tour, a project curated by lighting designers Nicholas Bechen and Ben Kocsis. This collaboration was made possible thanks to the contribution of Ei Productions, the supplier...»»»
26 September 2023 Prolights introduces the EclPar IPMFC: one source, every venue, every weather
Prolights presents the EclPar IPMFC , a revolutionary compact LED Par with IP65 passive cooling, exceptional output brightness, and advanced color control. The EclPar IPMFC is waterproof (IP65) and fan-free, ensuring reliable performance even in wet...»»»
22 September 2023 PROLIGHTS fixtures on stage for Noizy's Alpha Show 2
Alpha Show 2, the concert of the hip-hop singer Noizy, was illuminated by PROLIGHTS fixtures. The event, hosted in the Mother Teresa square in Tirana, was a show of music and energy, which saw the participation of the most famous artists of the Albanese...»»»
19 September 2023 PROLIGHTS fixtures light up the second edition of "I Venerdì di Ercolano"
PROLIGHTS products illuminated the second edition of "I Venerdì di Ercolano," a culturally enriching initiative proudly promoted and commissioned by the Ente Parco Nazionale degli Scavi di Ercolano (National Park of Herculaneum Excavations) and the Italian...»»»
14 September 2023 PROLIGHTS fixtures illuminated the 63rd Edition of TV Week Logie Annual Awards
The exceptional sparkle and enchanting ambiance that characterised the 63rd annual TV Week Logie Awards has been further enhanced by the innovative lighting solutions offered by PROLIGHTS. This extraordinary event, held at Sydney's renowned 'The Star'...»»»
12 September 2023 PROLIGHTS Illuminates the Ricky Martin Symphonic concert
PROLIGHTS fixtures lit up Skënderbej Square in Tirana, setting the stage for the Ricky Martin Symphonic concert. This performance featured the renowned Puerto Rican singer alongside the talented musicians of the Albanian National Opera. PROLIGHTS local...»»»
05 September 2023 Prolights EclExpo Flood150: Compact, bright and versatile floodlight
PROLIGHTS introduces the EclExpo Flood150, a compact and bright floodlight designed to substitute traditional CDM, HMI, and tungsten small floods in tradeshows, theaters, or as a practical work light. This powerful and compact floodlight features a custom...»»»
04 September 2023 Ultimo chooses Prolights for his summer stadium tour
Prolights solutions lit up the stadium tour of Ultimo, a young Roman singer-songwriter and leading artist on the Italian music scene. The rental company Mister X Service made a strategic choice by relying on PROLIGHTS solutions, meticulously selecting...»»»
30 August 2023 PROLIGHTS light up the British Drivers Club at Silverstone Circuit
The British Drivers Club has chosen PROLIGHTS solutions to illuminate the VIP locations during the prestigious British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit. A.C. Entertainment Technologies, the official distributor of PROLIGHTS in the UK and an official...»»»
25 August 2023 PROLIGHTS on stage with Blanco's Innamorato Tour
PROLIGHTS products illuminated the Innamorato Tour of Blanco, the young artist reigning over the Italian music scene. Following the great success of the Blu Celeste Tour, boasting 35 sold-out dates, Blanco has once again astonished his fans with his...»»»
21 August 2023 Prolights illuminated Elvana Gjata's Dekada concert in Tirana
Prolights fixtures played a pivotal role in the concert titled "Dekada" by the Albanian singer Elvana Gjata. This event marked a significant milestone in Elvana's two-decade-long musical journey, captivating thousands of fans at the Air Albania Stadium...»»»
11 August 2023 DRTCC choose Prolights fixtures for a major upgrade
Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre features the Joyce Schneider Auditorium, a 500-seat theatre with state-of-the-art facilities including a comprehensive, computerised sound and lighting control room. The theatre completed a significant lighting...»»»
08 August 2023 PROLIGHTS Expands LED Screen Lineup with Three New Series and 13 Models, Catering to Touring to Film Sets
PROLIGHTS unveils its new series of LED screens - KappaPix, SigmaPix, and GammaPix. These meticulously engineered products are designed to meet a wide range of requirements and budgets, serving everything from touring events to XR and Virtual Productions....»»»
04 August 2023 PROLIGHTS illuminates the arcades of the Sanctuary of San Luca in Bologna
Prolights Sunblast 3000FC transformed the arcades of Bologna, a worldwide symbol of the city and UNESCO heritage site, into a magnificent light show. The project, conceived and promoted by singer Cesare Cremonini, involved illuminating 2 kilometers of...»»»
01 August 2023 Prolights illuminates the show "Sky Above Elefsina" for Eleusis, European Capital of Culture 2023
Prolights illuminated the captivating cultural event Sky Above Elefsina held at the ship cemetery of the port of Fixia in Eleusis, Greece. This event marked the culmination of a series of events organised to celebrate Eleusis as the European Capital of...»»»
28 July 2023 The City Recital Hall receives major lighting upgrade with Prolights
Tucked within the charming laneways of Sydney's Angel Place, the City Recital Hall is a purpose-built live performance venue with world-class acoustics located in the heart of Sydney's CBD. After twenty-two years and as part of a major revamp, the venue...»»»
25 July 2023 Prolights provided the new lighting scenography of the Gouffre de Poudrey
Prolights illuminated the Gouffre de Poudrey, a sensational site in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France. It is a well-known underground cave system which attracts a considerable number of visitors every year. The cave formation is a result of...»»»
19 July 2023 Bringing Light to History: Prolights Illuminates the Majestic Topkapi Palace
Prolights fixtures illuminated the iconic Fatih Kiosk located within the Topkapi Palace complex in Turkey. The Türkiye National Palaces Directorate requested a new lighting system to enhance the visitor experience and showcase the priceless treasures...»»»
17 July 2023 PROLIGHTS shines bright at Muza 2023 in Tirana
Prolights fixtures created an enchanting atmosphere during the grand finale of Muza competition 2023. The project, conceived by the Union of Albanian Municipalities, aims to inspire young enthusiasts and professionals to revive ethnographic elements in...»»»
14 July 2023 Prolights Air 5Fan stole the show at "Hep Yeni Kal" music festival in Istanbul
Prolights Air 5Fans wowed the audience of the " Hep Yeni Kal  " music festival with the performance of Mabel Matiz, a songwriter and pop musician who has quickly established herself as a major player in the Turkish and international music scene. The...»»»
10 July 2023 Krank'd krank it up with PROLIGHTS
Production company Krank'd relied on Show Technology, Prolights distributor in Australia, to expand their rental inventory with Prolights fixtures. The new selection includes the EclProfile CT+ LED high-quality profile and the EclCyclorama 100 soft-edge...»»»
07 July 2023 Prolights makes a remarkable impact at Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023
Prolights illuminated the world's largest inclusive sporting event, the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023. The event was all about visibility, social participation, empowerment, and integration, as 7,000 athletes with intellectual and multiple...»»»
03 July 2023 PROLIGHTS shines for Kazakh State Theatre
One of the most respected theatres in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh State Academic Musical Drama Theatre, has upgraded its performance credentials with a new venue and an extensive new lighting rig, including 32 fixtures from Italian manufacturer,...»»»
29 June 2023 Prolights lighting the monster Leviathan
Prolights, through Show Technology design team, illuminated SeaWorld theme park's latest attraction: the Leviathan roller coaster. This thrilling ride is the centerpiece of the New Atlantis-themed area, an “ impressive tower of timber taking guests...»»»
27 June 2023 Astra Hybrid330: the new LED hybrid moving head made for everyday use
PROLIGHTS is pleased to present Astra Hybrid330 , a hybrid moving head with an LED source designed for everyday use. Compact, powerful, and silent, it can be used in any application, such as live, corporate, theater, or television events, creating a standard...»»»
19 June 2023 Prolights fixtures on stage at The Voice Norway
The Voice, officially distributed in 62 countries, is one of the most-watched television formats worldwide, with over 650 million viewers. For the 8th season of “ The Voice - Norges beste stemme ”, TV2 Direkte studios in Norway have chosen numerous...»»»
12 June 2023 Davide Manca chooses PROLIGHTS technologies for the new lighting design at the Leonardo3 Museum in Milan
The director of photography Davide Manca has chosen PROLIGHTS equipment to update the lighting at the Leonardo3 Museum in Milan. The Leonardo3 Exhibition was opened in March 2013 at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan by the Study Centre Leonardo...»»»
07 June 2023 A new achievement for PROLIGHTS: ISO 14001:2015 Certification
Music & Lights, the brand owner of PROLIGHTS, has got the ISO 14001:2015 certification for “Environmental Management Systems”. This achievement confirms the commitment of the company to the research of new eco-friendly technical innovation. This certificate...»»»
30 May 2023 PROLIGHTS launches Mosaico FX100 series: the ultimate tool for effects and image projection
PROLIGHTS released Mosaico FX100: a series of exterior lighting fixtures designed for the projection of animations and images in permanent outdoor installs, extremely easy to use. The modular design allows advanced configuration and customization of...»»»
24 May 2023 PROLIGHTS upgrades Privilege Club in Dubai with stunning illumination
PROLIGHTS has recently upgraded the lighting system at the Privilege Club in Dubai, one of the most spectacular nightclubs in the UAE, located on the top floor of the prestigious SLS Hotel in the Business Bay area. The club has hosted high-profile artists...»»»
22 May 2023 PROLIGHTS lights up Tel Aviv Duhl Center
The Duhl Center is a cultural institute and auditorium located in Hatikva district, Tel Aviv (Israel), today is the second the largest in whole the city. The venue was designed and built in 1985 and since then has been an active artistic and cultural...»»»
18 May 2023 The new Landetxe Kultur Aretoa Theatre in Spain lights up its stage with PROLIGHTS
The new theater Landetxe Kultur Aretoa in the city of Oiartzun (Guipuzcoa) in Spain, was inaugurated on 10 April 2023. A cultural building, designed to improve the social and cultural welfare of the city, consisting of a recreation center for the elderly,...»»»
15 May 2023 PROLIGHTS brings control to GTV9 Studio
When GTV9 Melbourne decided to update its lighting, it had no doubts to turn to PROLIGHTS, encouraged by the important presence of suppliers but also by the excellent reputation of the brand in the nation. Having a fixture they could add more too, or...»»»
12 May 2023 PROLIGHTS equip the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra with green technologies
The shift towards sustainability in the theater industry is becoming increasingly decisive and tangible. The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra sets a righteous example by replacing traditional halogen/tungsten fixtures with new PROLIGHTS' technologies: ...»»»
08 May 2023 Epsom Clock Tower Gets LED Upgrade with Prolights
The Epsom Clock Tower is a significant landmark in the community and has been a part of the town's heritage since it was built in 1847. A well-known landmark loved by locals and visitors alike, it was lit in 2020, during the pandemic, to recognise the...»»»
02 May 2023 Music & Lights expands its offer of Wireless DMX technologies with LumenRadio
Music & Lights is pleased to inform that with effect from the month of May, it will expand the range of Wireless DMX technologies with the addition of LumenRadio to the portfolio of products offered to its sales network. The distribution partnership...»»»
21 April 2023 PROLIGHTS Illuminates National Concert Hall With Cine-Electric Partnership
Dublin's National Concert Hall is a renowned and prestigious venue that showcases a diverse range of musical performances, from the National Symphony Orchestra and Choir to up-and-coming artists. In an effort to enhance the experience for both performers...»»»
13 April 2023 Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral In Ireland lit up with PROLIGHTS
A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ireland and Seamus Reck of Lx2000 Stage Lighting Hire recently teamed up to supply and install the lighting for Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork.  Lighting supply for the Cathedral posed a difficult task from the outset...»»»
27 March 2023 PROLIGHTS Astra Wash range used at a robotics exhibition
The recent robotics exhibition at the Eurexpo Lyon in France saw the use of 20x PROLIGHTS Astra Wash19Pix and 24x Astra Wash7Pix lighting fixtures, at the FANUC stand, a Japanese automation company. Camille Roblin, technical director at SAS Melomane,...»»»
20 March 2023 PROLIGHTS adds extra glow to Belgium's DragRace
Drag Race Belgique, a Belgian French-language reality television series based on the American series RuPaul's Drag Race, has been using PROLIGHTS' fixtures for their studio soft lighting. The lighting was supplied by rental experts CST, where designer...»»»
03 March 2023 Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland shines with PROLIGHTS
The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) is the biggest, non-governmental, non-profit, charity organisation in Poland raising money for paediatric and elderly care. Every year, the charity organises a televised fundraiser on TVN with several personalities...»»»
28 February 2023 Fontys University in The Netherlands gets PROLIGHTS
From conservatory to Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Fontys University of the Arts offers a wide range of courses in the performative arts.  The university has recently launched a bid to refurbish their lighting, and Dutch system integrator Lichtpunt...»»»
27 February 2023 PROLIGHTS launches the Astra Profile600IP
PROLIGHTS has just released the Astra Profile600IP , a bright, IP65-rated LED moving profile. The unit is designed for large-scale touring and exterior installations.  The Astra Profile600IP offers an outstanding performance that utilises a 600W white...»»»
13 February 2023 Vilnius City Hall modernises its lighting system with PROLIGHTS
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania celebrated its 700th anniversary this year. Amongst many different events, a revival of Joseph Haydn's oratorio “The Creation” was performed at Vilnius City Hall.   The oratorio was first played at the historic...»»»
09 February 2023 PROLIGHTS Mosaico L illuminates winter holidays sustainably
In response to environmental and energy sustainability challenges, the city of Formia has turned to the power of Christmas architectural projections as the most effective way to illuminate its urban landscape the past holiday season. Six of the city's...»»»
26 January 2023 Lysdesign AS invests in PROLIGHTS
Lysdesign AS, a leading provider of lighting solutions in Norway, has invested in 36 pieces of the PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix . The company made the decision to invest in the fixture due to its versatility and compact size, as well as its high-quality build....»»»
23 January 2023 PROLIGHTS released new pendant light
PROLIGHTS debuted the EclPendant series, a range of beautifully designed house lights packed with high-performing technology that makes any venue well-lit whilst staying eco-friendly. The EclPendant comes in a range of 200-Watt or 100-Watt LED sources,...»»»
09 January 2023 Light Craft invests in PROLIGHTS soft lights
Light Craft & Sound, a leading lighting supplier for the film and TV industry in India, has recently purchased one hundred PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC , ten EclPanel TWCXL and ten combined Astra Wash19Pix and 37Pix moving lights to their rental fleet. Light...»»»
05 January 2023 FC Production in Sweden invests heavily in PROLIGHTS
FC Production, an events supplier based in Sweden, has invested heavily in a mixture of brand-new PROLIGHTS fixtures, including 36x Jet Wash7 , 16x Astra Hybrid420 , 24x Smart BatPlusG2 and 8x EclFresnel fixtures. The new kit will go straight into FC's...»»»


23 December 2022 ArcPod fixtures illuminate Navantia Ferrol's shipyard
As Christmas approaches, the Navantia shipyard in Ferrol, Spain, has used PROLIGHTS' ArcPod fixtures to illuminate their cranes. The public company has done lighting tests on one of the machines, which went from having the usual grey tone to varying...»»»
19 December 2022 Visual Elements choose the PROLIGHTS StudioCob Plus Range
Visual Elements - a leading supplier in the design and production of creative technical solutions - recently refresh their older PAR can lighting with a more sustainable alternative. The UK based business offers a full range of services from the dry...»»»
15 December 2022 Stagelight AG invests in the PROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood300VW
Swiss AV supplier Stagelight AG has recently purchased forty-four PROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood300VW , a 300W asymmetric LED floodlight with variable white. The company made this acquisition since they are a large supplier of all kinds of events, including...»»»
12 December 2022 PROLIGHTS released a new LED moving-light
PROLIGHTS launched the Astra Profile400 , a compact LED moving profile with an efficient, punchy output. The Astra Profile400 has a 400W LED source calibrated at 7,000K and a smooth zoom system from 6.5º to 50º. The new moving light includes an extensive...»»»
07 December 2022 French museum displays PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile
The former 2,500-year-old fortress of Ensérune in France reopened its doors to the public in early July 2022 after two years of major renovation work. This former Gallic oppidum transformed into a museum once again presents its rich archaeological collections...»»»
05 December 2022 Scorpions' Rock Believer tour uses PROLIGHTS ArenaCob 4FC
The "Rock Believer" world tour kicked off in March and April in Las Vegas, with a residency by the Scorpions at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Manfred Nikitser has been there from the start, where he has been the lighting designer for the Scorpions...»»»
28 November 2022 PROLIGHTS debuts LED soft tube
PROLIGHTS released its latest product in the soft light range, the EclSoft Tube100 , a multipurpose, IP65 wireless linear pixel tube designed for Film & TV, indoor and outdoor environments. The EclSoft Tube100 has a 48W RGB+WW source and 16 independently-controlled...»»»
21 November 2022 PROLIGHTS VersaPar light up The Street
The Street Theatre in Australia is Canberra's award-winning home of live storytelling and performance, and a major investor in new theatre, music, and artists from the ACT and region. The Street Theatre commissions, develops, produces, and presents work...»»»
14 November 2022 PROLIGHTS adds the Smart BatPlusG2 to the uplighters range
PROLIGHTS announced the release of the Smart BatPlusG2 , a high-end version of the iconic Smart Bat uplighters designed with enhanced output and battery performance, IP65 with a stunning new look. The fixture has 4x 20W RGB+WW LEDs with high CRI, twice...»»»
14 November 2022 SQM invests in PROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood300WV
Multimedia solutions company SQM has recently purchased fifty-four PROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood300WV . The Polish-based company invested in these units as part of a commitment to differentiate itself from other exhibition suppliers: “What attracted us to...»»»
31 October 2022 PROLIGHTS Mosaico fixtures map French square
After four years of planning, the new Place Nationale de Montauban in France was inaugurated in July, with its new lighting. The main challenge for this project was to find solutions that created a very flexible and scalable installation while fitting...»»»
25 October 2022 PROLIGHTS debuts Smart BatWash
PROLIGHTS has just announced the release of the Smart BatWash , a high-powered, compact LED Wash light that can be operated wirelessly or wired. The Smart BatWash has 15x 20W RGB + Warm White LED emitters, outputting a powerful 6,300lm light in a fully...»»»
24 October 2022 The Cue Company gets PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix
Australia's The Cue Company has recently purchased fourteen PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7Pix .  “It just seems to hit every single mark,” said Rob Ness. “It's a go-to fixture with every selling point you can imagine right now - all at a great price!”...»»»
10 October 2022 PROLIGHTS launches new EclMini LED spotlight
PROLIGHTS released the EclMini spotlight, a range of ultra-compact, low-profile LED fixtures for galleries, retail and hospitality. There are two main versions of this fixture: the EclMini DAT , which has an integrated driver with DMX/RDM, DALI Type...»»»
26 September 2022 PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7PixIP lights up Paderborn Castle
The Neuhäuser Schlosspark, a 16th century castle in Paderborn, in Germany, was lit up this September with projection mapping and lighting fixtures during the traditional SchlossSommer 2022 festival. While Neuhaus Castle turned into an impressive screen...»»»
19 September 2022 Fontys School of Arts gets PROLIGHTS
Fontys School of Arts, a multipurpose building in The Netherlands, has received PROLIGHTS fixtures to their wide variety of rehearsal rooms, dance studios, a large music hall and the academy-theatre. A major tender was issued for the replacement of the...»»»
15 September 2022 PROLIGHTS DeltaPix Video Panels Land at Artistic Solutions
Creative Audio, Lighting, Stage and AV Design specialists, Artistic Solutions, have taken stock of almost 200 PROLIGHTS DeltaPix 48T video panels. Providing the knowledge, experience, ideas and solutions to help bring their customers ideas to life is...»»»
12 September 2022 PROLIGHTS launches IP-rated, linear soft-light
PROLIGHTS released the EclSoft LinearIP , an IP65-rated linear soft-light with all the colour features of the EclPanel TWC range, suitable for film, TV or touring productions.  The EclSoft LinearIP has several colour control modes: RGBW, RGB, CMY, HSI,...»»»
08 September 2022 PROLIGHTS ArcPod now in variable white
The new ArcPod 15VW , ArcPod 27VW , and ArcPod 48VW exterior floods have a tunable white range between 2,700K to 6,500K, benefiting from their bi-colour capabilities to deliver a punchy white output whilst preserving a high CRI and TM30 value.  The...»»»
04 August 2022 Tanzhaus nrw in Dusseldorf takes PROLIGHTS
Tanzhaus nrw has modernized its lighting technology including 40 LED profile spotlights from Prolights. The venue covers an area of ​​4,000 square meters, with both a performance space and production, as well as an academy with more than 200 stage...»»»
03 August 2022 PROLIGHTS adds architectural LED linear fixtures
PROLIGHTS extended its range of architectural lighting fixtures for permanent outdoor installations with the new ArcShine series. The LED linear fixtures are available in four sizes, 100cm with 18 LEDs (split in two sections) and 50cm with 9 LEDs. The...»»»
11 July 2022 PROLIGHTS debuts its largest soft light panel
PROLIGHTS has released the EclPanel TWCXL , its largest soft light to date - an ultra-bright LED soft panel with a large light aperture for large-scale productions and long throw applications.  The 1,500W RGB+WW LED source outputs over 136,000 lumens...»»»
04 July 2022 Martien van Doorne cultural centre takes PROLIGHTS
The cultural centre Martien van Doorne in The Netherlands has just taken delivery of several PROLIGHTS fixtures. The large Rabo Cultuurzaal was in need of new theatre lighting, amd the choice of LED fixtures was a pretty obvious one. Mischa Woudenberg...»»»
27 June 2022 PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC on Dancing with the Stars
The ninth series of New Zealand's Dancing with the Stars premiered on 24 April 2022 and this year the production team benefited from the addition of twelve Prolights EclPanel TWC compact LED soft lights. The fixtures were purchased by Big Picture NZ...»»»
20 June 2022 PROLIGHTS releases compact-sized, battery soft light
PROLIGHTS has debuted the EclNanoPanel TWC , the smallest member of the successful EclPanel range, containing all the outstanding features of the larger format soft lights in a compact-sized, battery-operated luminaire. The new fixture has a 30W RGB+WW...»»»
13 June 2022 Go Parc Herford relies on Prolights products
Prolight's Astra Wash7Pix , Ruby FCX and SunRise 2L LED blinders can now be seen in action at the Go Parc in Herford, Germany. The new devices were installed in the club by ThinkNet Konzept and Vertriebs GmbH. Carsten Kohrs, Managing Director of ThinkNet,...»»»
06 June 2022 PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS replicates team colours and creates a fun environment
Each year, Arlington Texas welcomes the Cotton Bowl Classica, an American College Football game. On December 31, 2021, the Cincinnati Bearcats faced the Alabama Crimson Tide. Keith Allen, owner of KW Allen Productions was tasked with lighting two separate...»»»
31 May 2022 PROLIGHTS expands Fresnel family with variable white fixtures
PROLIGHTS has just expanded its EclFresnel range with four new variable white variants. This includes the MINI , with a 60W LED engine and a 100mm lens, JUNIOR , with a 150W engine and a 150mm front lens, the 1K Fresnel with a 250W source and a 200mm...»»»
23 May 2022 PROLIGHTS SunBlast 3000FC at Swedish Eurovision
Green Wall Designs, a Sweden-based company that creates visuals, sets, and lighting designs for stage performances, TV, and events, were responsible to light up the national song contest that decided who would be the winning group to participate in the...»»»
17 May 2022 PROLIGHTS launches AstraHybrid420
PROLIGHTS has released the Astra Hybrid420 , an all-in-one hybrid moving head that excels as a bright beam fixture, a flat field spotlight or a wide wash projection.  The Astra Hybrid420 comes with a 420W long-life discharge lamp, enabling an immensely...»»»
10 May 2022 PROLIGHTS announces new moving-light range
PROLIGHTS has updated its Jet family with two wash moving lights, the Jet Wash 7 and the Jet Wash 19 . These are compact and fast LED fixtures, with 20W OSRAM RGBW sources - the smaller fixture, the Wash7, has 7 emitters while the Wash19 has 19 LED emitters....»»»
03 May 2022 PROLIGHTS releases LED expo light
PROLIGHTS has launched the EclExpo Flood300VW , a 300W variable white LED floodlight, designed for exhibitions, showrooms or as a theatre work light. The EclExpo Flood300VW is an eco-friendly replacement of traditional tungsten, CDM or HMI asymmetric...»»»
10 April 2022 Prismatic Group gets PROLIGHTS Dot Q
Prismatic Group purchased sixty (ten cases) of the IP-rated Prolights Dot Q ultra-compact, wireless, battery LED lights.  Stacy Kempton, CEO of the group, said: “I purchased them about 18 months ago,” she explained. “We had a great sales rep...»»»
04 April 2022 V Sport in Norway takes PROLIGHTS fixtures
V Sport, a group of Norwegian television channels owned by Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) and a part of the pan-Nordic V Sport brand, have fitted two of their new spaces with PROLIGHTS studio fixtures. When Nordic Entertainment Group were about to...»»»
29 March 2022 PROLIGHTS standardises colour output with Spektra™
With an increasing presence in Film, TV and theatre markets, PROLIGHTS has been strengthening its efforts in Research and Development to implement new, cutting-edge innovations within its colour science, to ensure colour consistency and advanced colour...»»»
23 March 2022 PROLIGHTS extends Mosaico range
PROLIGHTS has extended its range of image projectors by adding the Mosaico L to the family. The newly added fixture is a bright outdoor LED gobo projector, designed for long-range images, textures and logo projections. The Mosaico range has an IP66 rating...»»»
14 March 2022 PROLIGHTS EclCyclorama brightens Ipswich Civic Centre
The Ipswich Civic Centre in Australia recently added a dozen Prolights EclCyclorama 100 to their inventory. Ipswich Civic Centre is a stunning combination of a premier entertainment venue and a community-focused function centre. It provides a range of...»»»
07 March 2022 Sud de France Arena takes PROLIGHTS ArcPod 48Q
Designed by the firm A+ Architecture and opened to the public in September 2010, the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier is a large venue whose roof is supported by four beams with a span of 110 meters, pastel colours on the side's façades and mauve purple...»»»
28 February 2022 PROLIGHTS SunBlast 3000FC strobed Zara Larsson's stage
Swedish singer Zara Larsson put a series of concerts in Scandinavia at the end of 2021, filling up arenas like the Avicii Arena in Stockholm. The Poster Girl tour was announced following the debut of her latest album. Larsson has been a success in Sweden...»»»
22 February 2022 PROLIGHTS adds four new IP65 ellipsoidals
PROLIGHTS has launched the new EclProfile CT+IP , a tunable white and full colour ellipsoidal designed for exterior applications like touring, theme parks, cruise ships and outdoor events, and the new EclProfile FW and FWVW IP range, a series of IP rated...»»»
21 February 2022 Ton Direkt invests heavily in Prolights
Ton Direkt, a full-service provider for event and media technology in Germany invested in 88 x PROLIGHTS EclProfile CT+ , 150 x PROLIGHTS EclDisplay UN White , 25W, 5,600K and 150 x PROLIGHTS DisplayCob DY with comprehensive accessories. The audiovisual...»»»
14 February 2022 Polish hip-hop group performs with PROLIGHTS Astra Wash
As Polish hip-hop group PRO8L3M returned to the stages last December, the PROLIGHTS Astra Wash7PixIP and Astra Wash19Pix had their Arena debut at the COS Torwar in Warsaw, Poland. The production was supervised by lighting studio “Źle i Tanio”, who...»»»
08 February 2022 PROLIGHTS increases moving-wash range with Astra Wash37Pix
PROLIGHTS has released a fourth Astra moving wash, the largest in the series: the Astra Wash37Pix . This is a 37x 40W OSRAM RGBW fixture, with a wide zoom range of 4 to 54º, and capable of outputting nearly 18,000lm. Just like the Astra Wash19Pix, the...»»»
07 February 2022 Munch museum gets PROLIGHTS Mosaico
The Munch museum, an art museum in Oslo, Norway dedicated to the life and works of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch has recently taken delivery of six PROLIGHTS Mosaico IP66 image projectors, to fill its exterior with projected images of the artist and...»»»
03 February 2022 Prolights EclDisplay illuminates 2/3 galeria
The “2/3 galeria” is a space dedicated to contemporary art with an emphasis on photography, located in Bucharest, Romania. The building that houses the art exhibitions was built in 1895 by the architect Wilhelm Bast. After undergoing many transformations,...»»»
31 January 2022 Dutch church fitted with PROLIGHTS EclDisplay
The Mariakerk church in the small town of Oirschot, in the southern Netherlands, has been fitted with PROLIGHTS EclDisplay fixtures, a series of small LED spotlights made for fixed installations. The retrofit included the EclDisplay DATWhite black fixtures,...»»»
27 January 2022 Varona Produccion Técnica S.L. invest in PROLIGHTS Astra Wash19Pix
Spanish audiovisual company Varona Producción Técnica S.L. has recently invested in 24 PROLIGHTS Astra Wash19Pix moving washes to be directly supplied to the Oviedo Opera “Adriana Lecouvrer”, and other upcoming events around Spain. The Santander-based...»»»
24 January 2022 PROLIGHTS adds two new soft lights to the EclPanel range
After releasing the highly successful EclPanel TWC and EclPanel TWC Jr, PROLIGHTS released two new soft light fixtures, the EclPanel TWC Jr 4x1 and the EclPanel TWC Mini 2x1 . The new units have the same features as their bigger brothers, with an RGB+WW...»»»
10 January 2022 PROLIGHTS Mosaico used in Valencia's marathon
The Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon took place last December, where nearly 16,000 runners participated in the Spanish city. “Valencia wants to be known as a sports destination, and celebrate major events, such as this Marathon”, said Pilar...»»»
04 January 2022 Spanish Light Festival lit up by PROLIGHTS
The second edition of the UMBRA Light Festival Victoria-Gasteiz took place between November 12th and 14th. The festival was born with the intention of introducing both visitors and citizens to the world of urban lighting art, in such a way that the public...»»»


16 December 2021 PROLIGHTS Astra Wash19Pix debuted at The Voice
The newly released moving washes from PROLIGHTS have had their debut at The Voice of Poland. The Astra Wash19Pix were used to provide eye-candy effects on-camera during the live performances in one of the most-watched episodes of the singing franchise....»»»
13 December 2021 Cromer Pier's Pavillion Theatre Takes its Performances to the Next Level with PROLIGHTS DeltaPix
Cromer Pier's beloved Pavilion Theatre has recently added a digital dimension to its stage by installing a PROLIGHTS DeltaPix48T LED video wall backdrop. Running for 42 years, the Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre offers a truly unique experience as home...»»»
06 December 2021 PROLIGHTS appoints Modern Elektronik Turkish distributor
PROLIGHTS has named Modern Elektronik as its distributor in Turkey. Modern, who have over 36 years of experience in the market primarily audio solutions, are now expanding into lighting, by using their technical expertise and outstanding support to grow...»»»
26 October 2021 Prolights releases Astra Wash7PixIP
Prolights has introduced the Astra Wash7PixIP , a new IP-rated moving-wash with the same features and  characteristics as the newly released Astra Wash7Pix. The Astra Wash7PixIP contains 7 x RGBW 40-Watt LED emitters, outputting upwards of 4,000 lumens,with...»»»
25 October 2021 Kisstory goes all night with PROLIGHTS Panorama WBX
As the world returns to a new normal, so has returned Kisstory, a festival ran by British radio KissFM. The boombox-shaped stage made its way back to Streatham Common, in London, where artists like Fatman Scoop, General Levy, Lisa Maffia among many others...»»»
18 October 2021 PROLIGHTS is a keeper at Hockey Arena
The Husqvarna Garden, an Ice Hockey arena in Jönköping, Sweden and home to the HV71, has recently undertaken a lighting re-fit and PROLIGHTS hit the puck with a full range of equipment supplied to the venue. A total of 28 units of SunBlast 3000FC ,...»»»
14 October 2021 Creative Technology invest in PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS
During the late summer of 2020, Creative Technology (CT) made the final transition to their new 105,000 square foot warehouse space in Las Vegas, NV.  The new warehouse offers CT over three times the space of their previous location.  “Plain and simple,...»»»
11 October 2021 Main Light invests in the PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS
Industry Leading lighting rental production company, Main Light has added the PROLIGHTS EclProfile FS to their rental inventory. Throughout the pandemic, Main Light took the opportunity to rebalance their inventory by selling off older equipment and...»»»
07 October 2021 PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC takes major update
The extremely successful EclPanel TWC , an LED soft light made by Italian manufacturer PROLIGHTS, has taken a major firmware update which includes new features like XY coordinates control in DMX and standalone modes, editable cinema-effects that enables...»»»
04 October 2021 PROLIGHTS StudioCob at the No Time to Die Premier
U.K.-based Impact Production Services (IPS), a supplier to the events industry, were involved in the premiere of No Time to Die as an equipment supplier to Limited Edition Event Design who designed, installed and operated the red-carpet lighting for the...»»»
30 September 2021 PROLIGHTS Mosaico XL punches through the darkness
Some of Broken Hill's key locations have been lit up as part of Australia's Heritage Perfectly Highlighted project. The project involves permanent coloured lighting and projection installations at the Town Hall Facade, Civic Centre, Broken Hill Regional...»»»
28 September 2021 PROLIGHTS DeltaPix LED screens debuted in Portugal
PROLIGHTS DeltaPix 29B , a 2.9 mm indoor rental LED screen, has had its debut in Portugal, with rental specialist BragaEventos purchasing the screen. The Italian manufacturer released these new series at the end of 2020, to complement its range of LED...»»»
27 September 2021 PROLIGHTS library now available in Vectorworks
PROLIGHTS has made available nearly 200 Vectorworks symbols for most of its lighting fixtures, clamps and accessories, and will keep supporting the library development. Moreover, its sister company PROTRUSS has also released a separate 3D library with...»»»
20 September 2021 EclPanel is the new look at Sydney's fashion show
Australian fashion house Aje launched their Resort 2022 collection ‘Scent of Summer' at The Calyx located in the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney. Staged by Production Technologies and lit by one of Australia's most sought after lighting designers Paul...»»»
16 September 2021 Dutch chimney lit by PROLIGHTS' Mosaico XL
The municipality of Leiden in The Netherlands along with energy company Uniper joined forces to light up an 80-meter-high chimney using the PROLIGHTS' Mosaico XL fixtures, 540W IP66 image projectors with CMY and framing shutters. The weatherproofed units...»»»
06 September 2021 PROLIGHTS signs up with DIALux
PROLIGHTS, an Italian manufacturer of architectural, entertainment and TV lighting has signed up with DIALux , the industry-standard platform for architectural lighting designers, to have its fixtures, photometrics and 3D models available in its software....»»»
13 August 2021 Sightline Studio takes PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr
Sydney's corporate event production specialists Sightline were early adopters of the Prolights EclPanel TWCJr , the compact 1×1 LED soft light that has taken the event industry by storm. “The fresnels in our studio were giving us too many unwanted...»»»
11 August 2021 PROLIGHTS releases LED ellipsoidal with variable white
PROLIGHTS have just released its latest EclProfile FWVW , a high-quality variable white LED ellipsoidal with linear correlated colour temperature (CCT) between 2,700K to 5,600K. This new unit uses the same body and optical accessories as the EclProfile...»»»
09 August 2021 Unlimited studios get PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr
Unlimited studios, a production and rental company based in The Netherlands with over 25 years of experience, has recently built a second virtual production studio in Rosmalen, out of their headquarters, and fitted with professional studio lighting. “The...»»»
02 August 2021 Green screen studios lit with PROLIGHTS
Podimatas Group, a leading group of production companies in Greece, has recently chosen to work with PROLIGHTS to light up their green screen studios. With more than 37 years of experience, the Greek company has offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete,...»»»
27 July 2021 PROLIGHTS PanoramaIP WBX bring 1.8 sculpture to life
Between June 28th and July 24th, 2021, Janet Echeman's 1.8 sculpture will be exhibited in the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, Australia. This is the first time one of Echelman's artworks has been seen in Perth and is only the second time her work has...»»»
15 July 2021 PROLIGHTS Pixie WashXB performs in Israel
Hanan Ben Ari, an Israeli singer-songwriter, kickstarted his tour in April after a long hiatus during COVID-19 lockdown, selling out the biggest venues in Israel. Hanan was the fourth most listened artist in Israel on Spotify at the end of last year -...»»»
12 July 2021 EclDisplay by PROLIGHTS wins Build Back Better gold award
PROLIGHTS' new LED spotlight has won a Build Back Better gold award. The recently released fixture is the latest innovation in the architectural range by the Italian manufacturer, and it has sparked a lot of interest since its debut. The Build Back Better...»»»
06 July 2021 Austrian chef cooks with PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr
Johann Lafer, Austrian chef, TV chef, entrepreneur and non-fiction author recently equipped his own TV cooking studio with PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCJr . The installation was done by German-based company Eurolight GmbH.  Lafer commented on his investment:...»»»
28 June 2021 PROLIGHTS Tick all the right boxes for the Stamford Shakespeare Company
Founded in 1968, the amateur Stamford Shakespeare Company has been putting on performances of Shakespeare's classics for audiences of all ages for over 50 years. Since 1977 the Stamford Shakespeare Company has called the beautiful Tolethorpe Hall home,...»»»
18 June 2021 PROLIGHTS Panorama IP fixtures proved useful for Ninja Warrior
The fourth season of Australian Ninja Warrior heralded a new era with Ninjas coming face to face with mind-blowing new obstacles and for the first time, Ninja versus Ninja on the almighty Power Tower.  Filmed at Melbourne Showgrounds, the show was once...»»»
07 June 2021 PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC featured on Belgium TV
The national broadcaster VTR in Belgium is running an exhibition based on the show “Like Me”, a production commissioned by branding expert Citycubes as an activation campaign for the show. The exhibition runs from May until the end of September, and...»»»
03 June 2021 PRO LAB becomes PROLIGHTS distributor in the UAE
PRO LAB, one of the most established names in stage equipment retail and distribution in the UAE and Middle East became exclusive distributor for PROLIGHTS in the GCC region and Egypt, as of June 2021.   The appointment comes after the increased demand...»»»
01 June 2021 Audiovisuales Canarias (Grupo AVC) invested in PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC
Spanish company Audiovisuales Canarias, part of AVC Group and based out of the Canary Islands, has recently purchased 16x PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC and TWCJr to their rental fleet.  The AV service provider decided to invest in these units to continue offering...»»»
28 May 2021 Mercedes EQA debut lit with PROLIGHTS
The debut of the new Mercedes-Benz EQA vehicle in Poland happened last April, and companies Kukoni and Robimy Live supplied sound and lighting equipment (Kukoni), cameras and streaming systems (Robimy Live). Kukoni supplied several PROLIGHTS equipment,...»»»
25 May 2021 CGS picks PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC
Up-and-coming dry hire company CGS GmbH, based in southern Germany, has chosen PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC and EclPanelTWCJr , widely expanding its dry hire inventory in TV and film lighting. Christian Geyer, Managing Director of CGS, explained the decision...»»»
21 May 2021 Alezzi Yacht sails with PROLIGHTS
Alezzi Yacht is the only catamaran yacht on the Romanian coast dedicated to leisure which offers a unique experience on the 3 decks. Specially designed to offer unique experiences to tourists and locals in the Black&White& White Sea, the 42-meter-long...»»»
18 May 2021 AVE Grow with Prolights EclPanel TWCJr
Audio Visual Events, an Australian AV supplier, pride themselves on offering the latest in equipment to present their client's information and goals in a stunning manner. So it was no surprise when the decision was made to purchase twelve PROLIGHTS EclPanel...»»»
11 May 2021 Rental specialists Version 2 invest in PROLIGHTS
Version 2 Lights Limited (“Version 2”), one of the UK's leading lighting rental specialists for the television, broadcast and entertainment media production industries, have further invested in PROLIGHTS ArenaCob 4FC and have also added LumiPix 15IP...»»»
07 May 2021 TV Studio in Albania gets PROLIGHTS
Albanian Sound, Lighting & Video (ASVL) have recently fitted a TV Studio in the region with PROLIGHTS equipment. The studio hosts shows like “Kosherja”, “Soiree” and “Star Style". Among several moving lights by PROLIGHTS, the studio took twelve...»»»
04 May 2021 PROLIGHTS up in Vietnam
Vietnam's first-ever ‘sleepless city' officially opened on Phu Quoc Island, aiming to become the new international destination in Asia. Phu Quoc United Center, developed by Vingroup, took a total investment of $2.8 billion that aims to attract visitors...»»»
29 April 2021 Theatre in Belarus shines with PROLIGHTS
Mozyr Ivan Melezh Drama Theatre in Belarus celebrated its reopening on last summer after a major renovation. The building was originally built between the late 20s and early 30s of the last century, though it was seriously damaged in a fire in 2013, destroying...»»»
27 April 2021 Telemadrid adds PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC to their TV Studios
The public Spanish regional television station Telemadrid has recently added 75 EclPanel TWC soft light panels by PROLIGHTS to their studios in Madrid. Telemadrid decided to make a new investment to modernize its facility and cut their energy consumption...»»»
21 April 2021 Neg Earth receives PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC
Leading lighting rental production company, Neg Earth have added the new PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC LED softlight to their rental fleet. Neg Earth pride themselves on being at the forefront of lighting technology and innovation, actively monitoring the latest...»»»
20 April 2021 Prolights debuts Astra Wash7Pix and Astra Wash19Pix
Prolights debuted their new Astra Wash series, composed of two new moving-washes, the 7Pix and 19Pix. The new fixtures contain 7 and 19 x 40-Watt LED emitters, made by Osram, with additive RGBW colour mixing. The Astra Wash7Pix can output 4,000 lumens...»»»
13 April 2021 Prolights launches the Astra Beam260IP
Prolights have just launched its new flagship Astra Beam260IP , an IP-rated moving beam light, designed to set a new standard. Its superior performance, innovative technology, and flexibility make it the perfect fixture for any outdoor or indoor application....»»»
06 April 2021 Chameleon takes on even more PROLIGHTS PanoramaIP AirBeam
Australian weather can be unpredictable, from searing temperatures to dust storms and intense rain events. With so many outdoor events held every year in the country, production suppliers know they require sturdy, IP65-rated lighting fixtures that will...»»»
29 March 2021 PROLIGHTS to go online with free webinars
PROLIGHTS will run a series of online webinars on the 13th and 14th of April 2021. The manufacturer will be engaging with its worldwide audience in a series of webinars to showcase products launched in 2020 and 2021, along with the unveiling of three...»»»
12 March 2021 RAW and xy control for Prolights EclProfile CT+
Prolights EclProfile CT+ is now capable of being controlled in RAW mode and xy coordinates control. This update comes after the release of the new ellipsoidal in the autumn of 2020 and a successful kick-off in sales amid a global pandemic, and with many...»»»
08 March 2021 PROLIGHTS appoints DLHG as distributor in Taiwan
PROLIGHTS is excited to announce that it has appointed DLHG as the new distributor in Taiwan. DLHG Co. Ltd is an established company in Taiwan with several years of experience importing, selling and integrating entertainment lighting systems in the country....»»»
05 March 2021 Gahrens + Battermann adds EclPanel TWC to their inventory
German rental company Gahrens + Battermann GmbH & Co. KG has been active in events and entertainment since 1983 by offering innovative technical solutions, having eight locations throughout Germany. Gahrens + Battermann has invested in numerous PROLIGHTS...»»»
02 March 2021 PROLIGHTS EclCyclorama performs at The Voice
PROLIGHTS' new EclCyclorama 100 were used for The Voice of Poland. The 330W linear soft CYC and flood light with RGB+WW LED engine was the preferred fixture for the TV show, which is now in its 11th season. Artur Szyman, Lighting Designer at Light Up...»»»
26 February 2021 Channel 9 Sydney choose a complete Prolights studio package
During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Channel 9 staff in Sydney were kept busy moving from their historic Willoughby site where they had been for 60 years to the network's new home in North Sydney. November 20th, 2020, marked the final...»»»
23 February 2021 Prolights EclDisplay - Where LED Lighting meets Art
Prolights have just released its latest EclDisplay series, an LED spotlight that sets new standards in lighting technology for galleries, retail, hotels, exhibitions and any high-profile installations. The fixtures in the EclDisplay range come in a stylishly...»»»
18 February 2021 Stockholm's City Theatre takes PROLIGHTS RA 3000Profile
Stadsteatern, Stockholm's City Theatre is eagerly waiting to open back its doors to audiences nationwide to debut their new PROLIGHTS Ra 3000Profile . “Stockholm Stadsteatern puts on 6-7 different shows a week, ranging from musicals to rock concerts...»»»
15 February 2021 Prolights EclProfile CT+ delivered in Norway
Stavanger Konserthus, one of the most prestigious venues in Norway, and home of the Stavanger Symphony Orcestra as well as an important venue for concerts of all musical styles have recently taken delivery of Prolights' EclProfile CT+ .  In addition...»»»
12 February 2021 Music & Lights wins Best Performance Award 2020
Music & Lights, a leading Italian company manufacturing professional audio, video and lighting equipment for any professional in the live events and systems integration industry, won the Best Performance Award for “Hot Topic: COVID Resilience, Adapt...»»»
09 February 2021 PROLIGHTS used to light up Italian landmarks
The last Saturday of January was the second annual World NTD day, a date now used to celebrate hard-earned progress to take action to end Neglected Tropical Diseases. This event was marked with a Global Action, where more than 50 landmarks across 25 nations...»»»
03 February 2021 PROLIGHTS expands its Film & TV division hiring Davide Bernarello
PROLIGHTS expands its Film & TV division appointing film lighting veteran Davide Bernarello as Business Development Manager. Bernarello brings over three decades of experience across manufacturers, distributors and technical operator, having worked previously...»»»
19 January 2021 PROLIGHTS ArcPod light up government building
Prolights collaborated with Gruppo Carramusa SRL, a systems integrator in Italy, to light up a government building in Rome, with 12 ArcPod 48Q LED floods. The units were used to wash the façade of the Police Headquarters building (Guardia di Finanza)...»»»
15 January 2021 Prolights EclCyclorama 100 at the Concerto di Natale
The yearly Italian musical event “Concerto di Natale” has taken place once again, gathering international pop, rock, soul, gospel and opera voices and broadcasted on Canale 5 on Christmas Eve. The 28th edition took place at the Auditorium Conciliazione...»»»
11 January 2021 Milan City Studios take on Prolights EclFresnels
A new production hub has recently opened in Milan, as an events and film/TV production complex, in Porta Nuova - one of Milan's business districts, with a combined 20,000sqm of space, including five areas: The Studio, The Theatre, The House, The Square...»»»
07 January 2021 PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC shine in The Netherlands
The increasingly popular EclPanel range of Prolights is making waves in The Netherlands with the help of newly appointed distributor Full AVL. Adding to the list of companies adopting the Italian products are Dutch companies Stagelight (SL), First Impression,...»»»


18 December 2020 Prolights EclPanel TWC at Junior Eurovision 2020
The 18th edition of the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest, organised by TVP and EBU in Poland, took place in November. Amid COVID-19 restrictions, all performances were pre-tapped in an extended reality studio, though the broadcast was still live....»»»
15 December 2020 University of Johannesburg takes Prolights track system
The University of Johannesburg has recently upgraded its track lighting system used in its SARChI Art Gallery, as a direct replacement to the old system that had no mode of controlling, dimming, or shaping the light, all essential aspects to lighting...»»»
10 December 2020 PROLIGHTS Ecl range a success in streaming studios
It has been a year since the release of the PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC , a 2x1 softlight with tunable white and coloured LED soft light for TV and studios. Since its release, PROLIGHTS has been able to tap into a new market - one that looks for high-quality,...»»»
04 December 2020 Ibsenhuset in Norway takes PROLIGHTS
Ibsenhuset, a culture venue in Skien, Norway, has taken delivery of over one hundred fixtures from PROLIGHTS. The venue houses facilities for concerts, theatre performances, opera, exhibits, conferences and other events. The Italian-designed fixtures...»»»
01 December 2020 Poland Independence Day celebrated with PROLIGHTS
“A tribute to independence”, an event celebrating Polish Independence Day, took place this November at St Bridget's Church in Gdańsk, Poland. The event included performances of several well-known Polish artists - following COVID-19 guidelines, the...»»»
27 November 2020 Andrea Bocelli shines with PROLIGHTS
Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli played last October in Noto, Sicily. The Unesco heritage site turned into an incredible stage, showcasing a dreamlike atmosphere among the sinuous baroque architecture of the cathedral staircase. The artist was accompanied...»»»
24 November 2020 Centre for Culture in Belarus takes Prolights fixtures
The multidisciplinary Centre for Culture and Leisure “Orion”, in Belarus, opened late last year, and Prolights supplied a lighting-package tailored for the space. The reconstruction of the old cinema took almost three years, and CinemaNext, Belarus'...»»»
20 November 2020 PROLIGHTS delivers a Stellar Lighting Rig to Discovery Church
After 15 years at their original location in Orlando, FL, Discovery Church outgrew their space's ability to effectively support their ministry. Purchasing a former Sports Authority retail space, the church renovated the building to support their needs...»»»
17 November 2020 PROLIGHTS at the Festival della Bellezza 2020
Between September 11th until the 19th, the world-renowned Arena di Verona hosted the seventh edition of the “Festival della Bellezza” (“Festival of Beauty”). Visual representations, artistic and philosophic thoughts animated the beautiful location,...»»»
10 November 2020 Lean-pro relies on Prolights: EclPanel TWC JR for own livestream studio
Lean-pro GmbH & Co. KG has invested in Prolights EclPanel TWCJr . With the new LED softlights, the Paderborn-based company has equipped its livestream studio for trade fairs, product presentations, workshops, lectures, concerts, general meetings and much...»»»
06 November 2020 St. Catherine's British School gets Prolights fixtures
St. Catherine's British School in Athens, Greece, took delivery of Prolights fixtures as part of the audiovisual installation of the new building of the school. The scope of the project highlighted the importance of selecting equipment that was easy to...»»»
02 November 2020 PROLIGHTS announces FULL AVL new distributor in The Netherlands
PROLIGHTS is thrilled to announce that it has appointed Full AVL as the new distributor for The Netherlands. Full AVL Distribution is a wholesaler of professional AV, lighting and sound equipment, selling to the Dutch market. “We focus on high-quality...»»»
30 October 2020 PROLIGHTS shows solidarity with the #WeMakeEvents movement
Since the start of the pandemic, PROLIGHTS has been one of the thousands of companies worldwide in entertainment that has been largely hit by the snowball effects of COVID-19. As a manufacturer of entertainment lighting and video equipment, with a strong...»»»
23 October 2020 PROLIGHTS lit up the brightest “RTL 102.5 Power Hits” ever
The Arena di Verona has recently hosted the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Summer 2020” once again, in full respect of the Covid-19 rules issued by the Italian Government.  The event was held on September 9th, and it aimed to reward the single with more...»»»
20 October 2020 PROLIGHTS extends Asian reach with Acoustic & Lighting Systems
PROLIGHTS has strengthened its reach in Malaysia and Singapore, thanks to a new distribution agreement with Acoustic & Lighting Systems. The Asian company is a household name in distribution of professional sound, lighting and accessories solutions,...»»»
16 October 2020 New Cuts Art Centre looks to a brighter future with the help of PROLIGHTS LED fixtures
UK - The PROLIGHTS LED lighting range provides the ideal solution for multi-purpose venue, New Cuts Art Centre (The Cut), Suffolk. Since opening its doors 17 years ago, creative entertainment, education and enterprise hub, The Cut, has gone from strength...»»»
09 October 2020 PROLIGHTS appoints David Ferraz as Marketing Manager
Prolights has appointed David Ferraz to the position of Marketing Manager. David began his career at White Light in the U.K. after graduating in Live Events Technology from the University of South Wales. He later spent 5 years at Wireless Solution Sweden...»»»
06 October 2020 Bedoes ignites the audience lit up by PROLIGHTS
Bedoes is one of the most popular rappers in Poland and definitely the most successful artist of newschool, who boasts many important collaborations with popular Polish singers. On September 18th, 2020, he held an open-air gig in Warsaw, the last one...»»»
02 October 2020 PROLIGHTS fixtures inside the Cultural Center in Brzeg
Brzeg Cultural Center, in Poland, is a local institution which offers a number of artistic and interdisciplinary activities, such as dance, theatre, music and sculpture classes, as well as a lot of cultural events. At the end of August 2020, it has been...»»»
29 September 2020 PROLIGHTS lights up again “Battiti Live 2020”
From 16th to 24th July 2020 was held one of the most awaited summer events in Italy: the new edition of “Radionorba Vodafone Battiti Live 2020”. The series of concerts which features all of the greatest singers of the current Italian pop/rap scene,...»»»
08 September 2020 PROLIGHTS products used for the new Cultural Center in Stopini
In the first quarter of 2020 a new Cultural Center in Stopini town, Latvia was built and PROLIGHTS products were used in the new installation. Two lighting equipment systems were installed in Stopini Cultural Center in the town of Stopini, situated in...»»»
04 September 2020 PROLIGHTS products installed at Molėtai Culture Center
The hall of Molėtai Culture Center is a multifunctional hall with a capacity of 330 spectators. The cultural center is located in a small town called Molėtai, situated around 50 km away from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The Cultural Center satisfies...»»»
25 August 2020 PROLIGHTS Stark1000 at the Sundance Festival
From 23rd to 27th July 2020, the Zemplínska Šírava (the most famous summer resort in Slovakia) hosted the 13th edition of the Sundance Festival, one of the largest festivals of electronic dance music in the country. Despite the limitations of the Covid-19,...»»»
07 August 2020 PROLIGHTS lit up the beautiful Castle of Arco
On the past July 23rd, 2020, the stunning Castle of Arco, in Trentino (Northern Italy), was the setting of the performance of the famous and multifaceted Italian singer Elio, lead singer of the band “Elio e le storie tese”. The event, that was part...»»»
04 August 2020 The “Pakranté LIVE” brings on stage PROLIGHTS Luma 1500SH
The “Pakranté LIVE” is a project carried out in Lithuania during quarantine. It started on June 6th and will continue throughout the summer until September 5th. Artūras Trofimovas, Head of Showart kūrybos studija, the company who took charge of...»»»
31 July 2020 PROLIGHTS appoints AUDIOVISION as distributor for Romania
PROLIGHTS announces the appointment of AudioVision as official distributor for Romania with immediate effect. AudioVision was born to turn vision into entertainment - the vision of complete sound, lights and special effects solutions for the most entertaining...»»»
28 July 2020 PROLIGHTS fixtures on stage with Taco Hemingway
PROLIGHTS products gave light to the amazing tour called “Pocztówka z Polski Tour' 20” (“Postcards from Poland 20”) held by of one of the most popular Polish rap artist: Taco Hemingway. Gwidon Wydrzyński, lighting designer at Źle i Tanio...»»»
24 July 2020 GOBO A/S takes over PROLIGHTS products distribution for Sweden
PROLIGHTS is glad to announce that GOBO A/S, already PROLIGHTS distributor for Denmark, will take over the distribution of the brand also for Sweden. Gobo A/S has been in the business for more than 40 years in Denmark, and it has been present in Sweden...»»»
20 July 2020 PROLIGHTS Smart Bat for the “Light in Red Campaign”
On Monday 6th July, in collaboration with Brighton and Hove Council and many of the city's event venues, The Brighton Event Professionals Independent Committee (EPIC) has joined the “Light It In Red Campaign”, an initiative aimed at bringing attention...»»»
18 June 2020 The Italian Senate lit up by PROLIGHTS
By decision of the President of the Italian Senate Elisabetta Casellati, from March 18th until the end of the medical emergency that affected our Nation, the facade of Palazzo Madama in Rome was lit up with the colours of the Italian flag. Audio-Luci-Store,...»»»
15 June 2020 PROLIGHTS products pay tribute to Italy
The spread of Covid-19 put the world on its knees, and Italy has been the first European Country to deal with the consequences of the global pandemic. But even in the moment of the greatest struggling for our Nation, many initiatives have been put in...»»»
12 June 2020 PROLIGHTS products installed at the Vilnius International Airport
PROLIGHTS fixtures have recently been installed in the conference hall of the VIP terminal at the Vilnius International Airport, in Lithuania. This type of hall is the only one across the whole airport territory, therefore the variety of services and...»»»
31 May 2020 Lightpower takes over PROLIGHTS brand distribution in Germany and Austria
As of 1 June 2020, Lightpower will take over the distribution of the Prolights brand in Germany and Austria. Established in 1978, Lightpower has developed into an internationally renowned distributor for professional stage lighting equipment. The company...»»»
20 May 2020 PROLIGHTS appoints SEESOUND as new distributor for Spain
PROLIGHTS is glad to announce the appointment of SEESOUND as new distributor in Spain with immediate effect. Nacho Alberdi, CEO for SeeSound says: “To me, working in this kind of industry means to carry on my family legacy, as in 1880 my grandfather...»»»
17 March 2020 Huddersfield Town Hall green: lights upgrade to energy, efficient PROLIGHTS LED rig
The PROLIGHTS LED lighting range is helping Huddersfield Town Hall to meet its improved energy efficiency and production value goals for events. The multi-purpose venue's spectacular concert hall is at the very heart of the Huddersfield community's cultural...»»»
11 March 2020 PROLIGHTS cancels its partecipation at Prolight+Sound 2020
PROLIGHTS announces that the company will not attend the Prolight+Sound 2020, Frankfurt, that has been rescheduled in May.  The outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy and all over Europe, put the company in the position of making this thoughtful decision, since...»»»
10 March 2020 PROLIGHTS Pixie Beam and Stark 400 lit up the Bottega Veneta event
For the industry professionals and lovers of style, the Milano Fashion Week is one of the most awaited moments of the year, during which all the International Maisons exhibit on the runway their latest, exclusive collections. As well as fashion shows,...»»»
27 February 2020 P&J Live Aberdeen is Fully Equipped with PROLIGHTS LED
P&J Live at TECA, the North of Scotland's new largest events venue, has invested in over 700 PROLIGHTS fixtures to provide premier in-house production services for events ranging from conferences to gala dinner dances. The largest UK investment of its...»»»
20 February 2020 140 PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile enlighten Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces
The "Leonardo Da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology" in Milan has recently inaugurated the “Leonardo Da Vinci Galleries”, the largest permanent exhibition in the world, entirely dedicated to the Italian scientist and artist. The 1300...»»»
12 February 2020 PROLIGHTS EclMiniProfile lighting up the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco
From July 12th to August 28th, 2019, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco hosted the prestigiuos “Chaumet in Majesty”. The exhibition provided a rare chance to see up close a spectacular set of jewels of the Parisian Maison Chaumet, many of which belong to...»»»
10 February 2020 PROLIGHTS RUBYFCX and DIGISTRIPIP100 ignite the Kaufleuten Club
On November 13th and 16th, 2019, the well-known Kaufleuten Club in Zurich hosted respectively Sven Väth and Dixon, two among the most renowned DJ of the international techno music scene. Two amazing shows which have seen PROLIGHTS DigiStrip IP100 and...»»»
07 February 2020 PROLIGHTS Air 5Fan and SunBar 2000FC on stage with Italian singer Nek
The famous Italian singer and songwriter Filippo Neviani, aka Nek, is back on Italian and European stages with a tour called “Il mio gioco preferito” (“My favorite game”). From November 6th, 2019, to January 23rd, 2020, the popular artist has...»»»
05 February 2020 PROLIGHTS welcomes Andrea Gabrielli as Technical Director
PROLIGHTS is glad to announce that Andrea Gabrielli has joined the company in the position of Technical Director. Andrea Gabrielli brings a broad experience and extensive knowledge, having been involved in the design and manufacturing of professional...»»»
30 January 2020 PROLIGHTS @ISE 2020, Amsterdam February 11-14
PROLIGHTS will take part to ISE 2020, February 11-14, BOOTH 7-R210 . The RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre will host a new edition of the Integrated Systems Europe, which is the point of reference for the international system integration and install...»»»
21 January 2020 Antonio Parise joins the PROLIGHTS International Sales team
PROLIGHTS is glad to welcome Antonio Parise among the team as International Area Manager. Antonio Parise will bring twenty years of solid international experience in the professional lighting industry and he will definitely play a strategic role in developing...»»»
14 January 2020 PROLIGHTS appoints D&T PROLIGHT & SOUND LIMITED as distributor for Hong Kong and Macau
PROLIGHTS is proud to announce the appointment of D&T PROLIGHT & SOUND LIMITED as distributor for Hong Kong and Macau. The young and ambitious company was established two years ago by two passionate and experienced veterans, eager to join forces in order...»»»


30 December 2019 PROLIGHTS light up the final of Switzerland’s Next Top Model
On November 22nd, 2019, the Maag Music Hall in Zurich hosted the final of Switzerland’s Next Top Model. The well-known show, inspired by the American format ANTM, has announced the winner of the Swiss contest, which was broadcasted live on channel...»»»
23 December 2019 PROLIGHTS AIR6PIX illuminate the “RAF-TOZZI European Tour"
“Tour of the year”. That’s how music critics called the series of concert held by Raf and Umberto Tozzi, two among the most popular Italian singers and song writers. They shared the stage for the very first time in front of the huge audience who...»»»
20 December 2019 RTL 102.5 Power Hits 2019 on fire with 312 SUNBLASTFC
On September the 9th, the beautiful venue of the Verona Arena hosted the RTL 102.5 Power Hits award 2019 edition, the first radio show taking on stage all the most heeded summer hits performed by the greatest Italian artists. Francesco De Cave, lighting...»»»
17 December 2019 PROLIGHTS appoints VIETNAM PRO AVL as official distributor for Vietnam
PROLIGHTS is pleased to announce the appointment of VIETNAM PRO AVL as official distributor for Vietnam. The developing company has been founded in Hanoi by a young and resourceful team, whose main goal is to bring the highest standards throughout the...»»»
13 December 2019 PROLIGHTS appoints A.L.A. EQUIPMENT COMPANY LTD as distributor for CYPRUS
PROLIGHTS is glad to announce the appointment of A.L.A. Equipment as official distributor for Cyprus. A.L.A. Equipment was founded in 2001 in Cyprus by Andrea Piemonti and Tony Lyssiotis, whose cooperation allowed the company to flourish, representing...»»»
06 December 2019 PROLIGHTS STARKBAR1000 light up LAURENT VOULZY’S stage
The Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, well-known islet in Normandy, France, provided an enchanted venue to Laurent Voulzy’s concert, on September 5-7, 2019. The popular French singer and song-writer performed here for the very first time accompained by a...»»»
04 December 2019 PROLIGHTS appoint EXTON as distributor for Iceland
PROLIGHTS is proud to announce the appointment of Exton as distributor for Iceland. Exton was founded in 2000, when two local companies joined forces building what today has become Iceland’s most valuable industry, known for high standards regarding...»»»
The PROLIGHTS MOSAICO family is a range of outdoor gobo and images projectors. Available in three sizes, for applications ranging from commercials to stadiums, MOSAICO is the most extensive range in the industry with the most advanced feature set available...»»»
22 November 2019 PROLIGHTS unveils new brand design, logo and website at LDI 2019
The curtain rises on “the New PROLIGHTS“: During the first day of the LDI show in Las Vegas, PROLIGHTS unveils its new logo, new brand design, and the new website . This world premiere marks the beginning of a new era for PROLIGHTS,...»»»
18 November 2019 PROLIGHTS appoint LIGHT CONVERSE as distributor for Ukraine
PROLIGHTS, a constantly evolving Company in the Show lighting industry, continue their growth by appointing local industry valuable player LIGHT CONVERSE LTD as distributor for Ukraine. Founded in Kiev in 1997, LIGHT CONVERSE is today Ukraine’s most...»»»
11 November 2019 PROLIGHTS double-up its exposure at LDI show in Las Vegas, November 22nd to 24th.
PROLIGHTS will show off its latest technologies at the upcoming LDI Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from the 22nd to 24th of November, in booth 2953 (PROLIGHTS) and 2354/2346 (A.C. Lighting, Inc.). PROLIGHTS is excited to announce their...»»»
05 November 2019 PROLIGHTS appoints PLUSMUSIC AG as distributor for Switzerland
PROLIGHTS is pleased to announce the appointment of PLUSMUSIC AG as the new distributor for Switzerland with immediate effect. PLUSMUSIC AG has an excellent reputation throughout Switzerland as an experienced provider of professional AVL technologies...»»»
31 October 2019 PROLIGHTS appoint HPL as distributor for Brazil
Brazil – PROLIGHTS welcome HPL Light Company as distributor . HPL Light Company bring with them over 20 years of distribution experience and an excellent reputation throughout the Brazilian lighting market along with a lengthy of creating long-lasting...»»»
30 October 2019 PROLIGHTS Brings Main Stage to Life in Boomtown Festival’s Metropolis District
UK – Award-winning lighting designer, Elliot Baines of Spiralstagelighting utilised PROLIGHTS PANORAMAIPAB moving beam and PANORAMAIPWBX wash lights to raise the roof for DJ sets on the main stage in the Metropolis district of ‘Boomtown’ – one...»»»
24 October 2019 Rozbark Dance Festival use PROLIGHTS to mark the return of a major International Event to Silesia
This new dance theatre festival is a ten-day international event, presenting the most captivating dance theatre projects from Portugal, China, Israel, the UK, Poland and across the world. Offering a range of activities aimed at engaging the local community....»»»
22 October 2019 A+SF appointed as PROLIGHTS distributor for Turkey
Turkey – PROLIGHTS are pleased to announce that leading distribution and project engineering company A+SF (ASF SES ISIK VEGOR. SIS. A. S.) has joined the international distribution network. A+SF - now the largest AVL company in Turkey, was the result...»»»
18 October 2019 PROLIGHTS Panorama IP Airbeams are a Beacon of Light for Harrogate 1571
UK – PROLIGHTS Panorama IP Airbeam moving beams recently lit up North Yorkshire’s skyline with stunning big air looks for ‘Harrogate 1571’, part of ‘Harrogate Welcomes the World’ celebrations supporting the UCI Road World Cycling Championships...»»»
09 October 2019 PROLIGHTS toast success of International Distributor Conference: “Together, we raise the standard”
Italy – PROLIGHTS welcomed over 150 guests from 40 countries to their Headquarters in Minturno, Italy for the annual International Distributor Conference. Guests included international distribution partners, customers and designers. The conference saw...»»»
30 September 2019 PROLIGHTS welcome EcmaPro as distributor for Morocco
Morocco – Moroccan entertainment company EcmaPro who specialise in the distribution of fixtures and products specifically for the entertainment industry join the fold as exclusive distributor for PROLIGHTS. EcmaPro Systems centre their business around...»»»
20 September 2019 RPM Lights Inc. adopts PROLIGHTS’ LED Technology
USA & Canada - RPM Lights Inc. is a loyal and long-time supporter of A.C. Lighting Inc. Backed by a solid partnership between the executives of both companies, RPM Lights Inc. owners Jimmy Pappas and Glen Murphy, developed and built their vision for LED...»»»
13 September 2019 PROLIGHTS at PLASA 2019
UK – The upcoming PLASA 2019 exhibition will showcase the latest from PROLIGHTS lighting & video ranges. The PROLIGHTS solutions all feature outstanding performance and exceptional value and will be demonstrated on the A.C. Entertainment Technologies...»»»
10 September 2019 PROLIGHTS welcomes Enrico Tamaro
PROLIGHTS are pleased to welcome Enrico Tamaro as, Business Development Manager - Special Projects. He brings with him 20 years of international experience gained from working for reputable companies throughout the lighting, entertainment and commercial...»»»
05 September 2019 SiM appointed as PROLIGHTS distributor for Russia
Russia - Professional Entertainment Technology manufacturer PROLIGHTS have appointed Moscow based SiM Company (Группа Компаний "SiM") as their distributor throughout Russia. SiM join the PROLIGHTS distributor network with more than 28 years...»»»
02 September 2019 Battiti Live shakes Italian province with PROLIGHTS
Italy – The 2019 edition the most awaited Italian travelling music festival Battiti Live (Live Beats) recently engulfed Italy’s Puglia region. Spanning over 5 days and welcoming over 70 international acts, this year’s production is certain to make...»»»
01 September 2019 PROLIGHTS Sunblasts raise the roof with UK Rapper ‘Stormzy’
Poland – This year's Glastonbury headliner, Stormzy amazed audiences at one of Poland’s largest annual music festival, Open’er. The Open'er Festival is a music festival held in Gdynia on picturesque North coast of Poland. Considered one of the...»»»
30 August 2019 Dark Mofo’s night mass a spiritual experience with PROLIGHTS PanoramaIP
Australia - Occupying almost an entire city block, Hobart’s new cultural precinct represents a significant partnership between private developers and DarkLab, a subsidiary of the Museum of Old and New Art. The first stage of the development, In The...»»»
27 August 2019 PROLIGHTS Becomes Key Part of The Scottish Opera
UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET) has provided Scottish Opera with a new surtitling system, utilising APIX2 by PROLIGHTS LED video panels. Founded in 1962, Scottish Opera is Scotland’s national opera company and largest performing arts...»»»
23 August 2019 Legendary music venue ‘Universal’ gets resurrected with PROLIGHTS
Australia - After its closure in 2017, Darlinghurst’s legendary gay venue Midnight Shift has been resurrected by Universal Hotels using a whole host of the hugely-popular PROLIGHTS fixtures. Universal Hotels, a Sydney based hospitality group owned...»»»
15 August 2019 PROLIGHTS is Out of This World for Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Event
UK – Lighting designer, Matt Tyler used PROLIGHTS LED fixtures to provide stunning lighting for space-age performances by Orbital, Public Service Broadcasting and The Radiophonic Workshop at ‘Apollo 50’, a one-off event celebrating the 50th anniversary...»»»
12 August 2019 VES Rock Open’er Festivals’ Beat Stage
Poland – The Open’er Festival, one of the largest music festivals in Poland has been an institution since 2002. Having welcomed international names from around the world such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pharrel Williams, Snoop Dogg and Coldplay,...»»»
08 August 2019 AC-ET Ireland Provides Green Solutions with PROLIGHTS
Ireland - A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ireland Ltd. (AC-ET Ireland) have been supplying PROLIGHTS STUDIOCOBFC LED PARs across the country following demand for eco-friendly, yet high quality, lighting solutions. This versatile full colour LED PAR has...»»»
06 August 2019 PROLIGHTS LEDs Deliver a Standout Performance at the British Grand Prix
UK – PROLIGHTS LED fixtures delivered a standout performance at the Formula 1® Rolex British Grand Prix, Silverstone for the British Racing Drivers' Club's (BRDC) celebrations during the annual race weekend. Held within the grounds of the iconic Silverstone...»»»
01 August 2019 Jova Beach Party tours Italy with PROLIGHTS: Much more than a concert!
Italy – Summer 2019 sees the latest edition of the Jova Beach Party. Inspired and headlined by Italian singer, songwriter and rapper Lorenzo Cherubini (Jovanotti), the infamous travelling ‘festival village’ that is the Jova Beach Party is mid-way...»»»
26 July 2019 Hungary’s iconic open-air theatre upgrades to PROLIGHTS
Hungary – The Iconic Hungarian open-air theatre in Nyíregyháza recently upgraded their stage lighting capabilities with PROLIGHTS. Nestled in the heart of the Hungarian city of Nyíregyháza, the 1000-seater theatre has been a key attraction in the...»»»
24 July 2019 Romanian Embassy reincarnates forgotten Byzantine Hall
France - The Romanian Embassy was installed in the Palais de Béhague (Paris 7) in 1939. Within it, is concealed an unexpected room. A theatre! The discovery of a theatre in an Embassy never fails to surprise and amaze those who visit. This theatre,...»»»
18 July 2019 Europalco combine traditional art, digital nuances and PROLIGHTS
  Portugal - Colombo Centre, one of the largest shopping centres in the Iberian Peninsula proudly plays host the 9th edition of the “Art Comes to Colombo” project, an immersive installation designed to honour the works of famed Portuguese artist...»»»
17 July 2019 PROLIGHTS STARK leads Ice Hockey World Championships
Slovakia - Designed, directed and choreographed by Ján Ďurovčík and the Slovak Dance Theater, the 2019 edition of the World Ice Hockey championships were held at the prestigious Košice Steel Arena in the heart of Slovakia. The iconic event not only...»»»
12 July 2019 Germany invest in energy-efficient PROLIGHTS
Germany - Full-service, Bielefeld based events provider Prisma, recently invested in the PROLIGHTS EclGallery range of high-powered LED ellipsoidals. Prisma is a professional rental company providing lights, sound and media technology equipment covering...»»»
09 July 2019 Success in Norway with lighting design workshops
Norway – Oslo based Norwegian distributors of PROLIGHTS – Prostage, invited world-renowned lighting designer Fredrik Jönsson to lead a two-day workshop hosted in Oslo’s ‘Riksteatret’. discussing various design techniques, stories and lessons...»»»
04 July 2019 PROLIGHTS playing in the big leagues ‘down under’
Australia - Perth-based PAV Events recently used their new PROLIGHTS PANORAMA IP65 Air Beams as an integral part of the recent Big Bash League events held at Optus Stadium with lighting designed by Hugh Taranto. PAV worked with the stadium’s Sports...»»»
01 July 2019 ArchWork provide architectural solutions to Bijlmerpark theatre in Amsterdam
Netherlands – PROLIGHTS own architectural brand ArchWork has been used by renowned Dutch company Lumen Solutions in their installation in the award-winning Bijlmerpark theatre in Amsterdam. Lumen Solutions were approached to provide their technical...»»»
28 June 2019 Fever 333 electrifies London
UK - Grammy nominated punk rock hip-hop band Fever333 recently took the iconic Electric Ballroom in Camden by storm. The Californian band commissioned the talented lighting designer Hayden Borgars to design the atmosphere and electrifying show that they...»»»
19 June 2019 ATLANTIS The Palm rides the wave of success with PROLIGHTS
United Arab Emirates - PROLIGHTS fixtures dominate the installation in newly opened restaurant WAVEHOUSE, housed in the iconic Atlantis The Palm, Dubai. Since opening in early 2019 the new WAVEHOUSE entertainment venue has been acknowledged as one of...»»»
23 May 2019 Kraftwerk Trade LLC appointed as distributor in Belarus
Belarus – Professional entertainment lighting manufacturers PROLIGHTS have appointed Minsk based Kraftwerk Trade LLC as their distributor in Belarus. Kraftwerk Trade LLC, founded in 2009, is one of the leading system integrators in the field of modern...»»»
20 May 2019 PROLIGHTS roadshow with GOBO Denmark
Denmark – Danish distributors GOBO Highlight A/S proudly celebrated their 40th birthday in conjunction with the house warming of their new premises in Rødovre, Copenhagen, with another open day to follow Tuesday 21st May in Randers, near Århus. The...»»»
14 May 2019 PROLIGHTS live in Rimini
Italy – PROLIGHTS were proudly on show on the ‘Live You Play’ stages during the MiR event. The PROLIGHTS arena attracted hordes of visitors keen to see the technology in action. The LIVE event has become the annual professional showcase of leading...»»»
08 May 2019 PROLIGHTS PIXIEwash lights up Andre Hazes Junior
Netherlands - Andre Hazes Junior, son of the legendary folk singer Andre Hazes returned to iconic Ahoy venue in Rotterdam for a sold-out concert. Netherlands based Triple Showtechniek were brought on board to design and bring the show to life which filled...»»»
02 May 2019 PAV Events invest in PROLIGHTS PANORAMAIPABs
Australia –PAV Events, all-encompassing rental, installation and sales company based in Perth – Western Australia, makes investment in PROLIGHTS PANORAMAIP series, a product that the market has, in its own admission, needed for all too long. 2018...»»»
26 April 2019 Music & Lights appoint LightNeq S.R.O as distributor in Czech Republic
Czech Republic – Prague based LightNeq S.R.O have become the latest addition to the Music & Lights distribution network in becoming exclusive distributors of PROLIGHTS, TRIBE, ArchWork, DAD, ProAudio, PROTRUSS and GDE. LightNeq S.R.O have a strong relationship...»»»
23 April 2019 PROLIGHTS shedding light on the baptism of “Kronprins Haakon”
Norway – PROLIGHTS TABLEDs were used to illuminate the baptism celebration of Norway’s new purpose-built Polar-research ship, the “Kronprins Haakon” (Crown Prince Haakon). The Norwegian state-of-the-art ship is the first vessel to be built in...»»»
20 April 2019 PROLIGHTS take over the ’Live You Play’ stages at MIR
Music & Lights will be on show throughout the 2019 edition of Music Inside Rimini. The fixtures from their ever-popular brands PROLIGHTS and TRIBE will be featured on the ‘Live You Play’ rock stages at MIR – the event dedicated to technologies specifically...»»»
17 April 2019 Lighting & Sound Distribution appointed as distributor for Singapore
Professional entertainment solutions company Music & Lights have appointed Lighting & Sound Distribution as their exclusive distributor of PROLIGHTS, TRIBE and dedicated architectural lighting brand ArchWork, for Singapore. With over 18 years of proven...»»»
11 April 2019 Music & Lights welcomes Greek distributor
Greece – Music & Lights welcomes Kariotis Audio and Lighting as distributor in Greece for their brands PROLIGHTS, TRIBE, ArchWork, DAD, ProAudio, GDE and PROTRUSS. Kariotis Audio and Lighting of Elefsina, Greece have been active in all aspects of design,...»»»
10 April 2019 Music & Lights celebrates their best Prolight+Sound ever
Germany – The 2019 edition of pro light+sound, held at the Messe in Frankfurt has just passed. The stand design featured the largest footprint to date and played host to over 400 luminaires in the popular PROLIGHTS arena along with the 20 new lighting...»»»
05 April 2019 PROLIGHTS MOSAICO goes eco with ‘Pop Up Bike Parking’
An innovative new scheme has been launched in the eco-friendly Dutch city of Nijmegen. As is a well-known fact around the world, the Netherlands is home to an impressive bicycle population. Acknowledging this, Nijmegen sought to invest in technologies...»»»
02 April 2019 PROLIGHTS shine through at Fryderyk Music Awards 2019
Poland – March marks a prestigious event in the Polish calendar for those in music circles. The highly-anticipated and arguably the most important music awards in Eastern Europe - Fryderyk Music Awards, held at the International Conference Centre in...»»»
29 March 2019 HEC Pro Grand Opening shows-off revolutionary experience centre
Turkey – Distributors for PROLIGHTS in Turkey recently unveiled the fruits of years of hard work. The project started over four years ago with the vision of building something unique and custom – from the ground up. After building work was complete...»»»
27 March 2019 PROLIGHTS turned up the heat at second INFERNO installation
Turkey - Renowned nightclub chain INFERNO, opened first in Kemer, Antalya and quickly proved to be a hit throughout Turkey and surrounding areas. The original 3000 capacity club installation was undertaken by HEC Pro and after its roaring success, they...»»»
19 March 2019 PROLIGHTS PANORAMAs light up 12th Century Norwegian Stave Church
Scandinavia – The last week of January saw the historic Norwegian Stave Church at the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo. One of the most historic Stave Churches in Norway dating back to the 12th century, spent the beginning of January as a centrepiece...»»»
18 March 2019 Music & Lights prepare for take-off at Prolight+Sound
Germany - Music & Lights along with its lighting brands PROLIGHTS, TRIBE and ArchWork, will be exhibiting at the upcoming Prolight + Sound 2019 trade show in Frankfurt from 2nd – 5th April 2019 (Hall 12.1 stand D40) . Predicted to be the most sensational...»»»
14 March 2019 Showmedia to represent Music & Lights brands throughout Slovakia
Eastern Europe – Music & Lights have appointed Showmedia S.R.O as their distributor for Slovakia. With many years’ experience throughout Eastern Europe, Showmedia have proven their standing throughout the industry by means of multiple high-profile...»»»
08 March 2019 Music & Lights appoint distributor for Kazakhstan
Central Asia – Music & Lights have appointed Samat Show Technics Ltd. as distributor of their brands throughout Kazakhstan. With nearly 30 years trading throughout Central Asia, Samat Show Technics has become the largest system integrator throughout...»»»
05 March 2019 Music & Lights welcomes Paolo Albani
Music & Lights is pleased to welcome Paolo Albani as International Sales Manager. He brings with him 20 years of experience gained from working for reputable companies throughout the Lighting Industry on both an Italian and Global scale. Albani will...»»»
22 February 2019 PROLIGHTS illuminates the Elle ‘Girls Can Do Anything’ Awards
SPAIN – Sincronismo Events s.l. light up the Elle Magazine awards at the famous El Istante Fundación in Madrid. The ‘Elle Girls Can Do Anything’ event celebrated the achievements of women in the areas of interpretation, literature, fashion, sports...»»»
19 February 2019 Music & Lights appoints UAE distributor
United Arab Emirates – Music & Lights have appointed Loud & Clear Audio Visual Equipment Trading L.L.C as its distributor of their brands across the United Arab Emirates. With over 50 years combined experience in the live entertainment, event and installation...»»»
12 February 2019 ISE 2019, Music & Lights present new solutions
Integrated Systems Europe 2019 (February 5 – 8, 2019) at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam, Music & Lights presented their extensive range of PA systems designed specifically for the system integration market; innovative professional lighting and...»»»
22 January 2019 Music & Lights @ ISE 2019 (Amsterdam, February 5-8th)
From February 5th to 8th, Music & Lights will join in the Integrated System Europe trade show of Amsterdam. The kermesse of visual technologies and systems integration will be the meeting point for several presentations of new solutions for all brands....»»»


27 November 2018 PROLIGHTS visit JTSE with ESL
PROLIGHTS and TRIBE will join forces with ESL from Nov 27th to 28th at JTSE - Journées Techniques du Spectacle et de l'Evénement. The 22nd edition of JTSE takes place this week and is considered one of the most important exhibitions dedicated specifically...»»»
22 November 2018 Leaning tower of Pisa shines bright with PROLIGHTS
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the "Fondazione Palazzo Blu" Pisa commemorated this occasion by using various PROLIGHTS fixtures to illuminate the various iconic monuments throughout the city. From the Ponte di Mezzo, the Palazzo Blu, the Logge...»»»
13 November 2018 PROLIGHTS showcased at iconic German festivals
June and July 2018 saw two of Europe’s largest open-air festivals grace the north of Germany. Fusion Festival , based in a former Russian military airport hosting an iconic music and arts festival and Melt! Festival, based just south of Berlin featuring...»»»
09 November 2018 MIA MARTINI Awards fly through its 24th year!
The 18th - 20th of October 2018 was a memorable one as the 24th edition of the "MIA MARTINI Award" was celebrated. An impressive cast of prestigious names performed in Bagnara Calabra in remembrance of and to honour the great Mia Martini. The event welcomed...»»»
01 November 2018 OmegaPIX video workshop: ‘Seeing is Believing’ – NovaStar world tour kicks off in Italy
This time last week, PROLIGHTS, in partnership with NovaStar, welcomed over 200 customers, from all reaches of the globe, to their newly launched Music & Lights HQ. The event, part of the M&L Academy program was held both in Italian and in English in...»»»
29 October 2018 PROLIGHTS celebrates 30 years of LDI with A.C. Lighting Inc.
PROLIGHTS and A.C. Lighting celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Live Design International (LDI) trade show with the release of the exciting new ECL-FS.  Held in the Las Vegas Convention Centre, the conference boasts international companies showcasing...»»»
26 October 2018 Music & Lights commence distribution of Seetronic
Music & Lights is pleased to announce that they have entered into a distribution agreement for the Italian market of the products portfolio of Seetronic. Seetronic is a high-tech enterprise focused on developing high- end connectors with a team with...»»»
18 October 2018 PROLIGHTS tours Las Vegas for LDI 2018
19-21st October marks the 30th anniversary of the Live Design International trade show in Las Vegas. Held at the iconic Las Vegas Convention Centre, the PROLIGHTS team will be joining their USA, Mexico and Canadian distributor A.C Lighting Inc. on booth...»»»
16 October 2018 Novastar & Prolights announce 'Seeing Is Believing' - 2018, October 25 @ Music & Lights HQ
PROLIGHTS in collaboration with Novastar, present the event 'Seeing is believing'. The event, included in the NovaStar World Tour 2018 and the M&L Academy program, will stop in Italy at the new Headquarters of Music & Lights on 25th October 2018 and will...»»»
12 October 2018 Music & Lights opens the doors to its new Headquarters
Minturno, Italy - Thursday 4 October 2018, Music & Lights celebrated the official opening of their new Headquarters, dedicating a day of exclusive celebration for customers, partners and international distributors. The new Headquarter represents a further...»»»
03 October 2018 PROLIGHTS and Show Technology prepare for lift-off 'down under'
Music & Lights are thrilled to welcome Show Technology into the fold representing Australia and New Zealand. Their hugely successful track record within the industry having worked with the likes of Brisbane City Hall, Sydney Town Hall, Melbourne Convention...»»»
24 September 2018 PLASA London 2018 highlights PROLIGHTS ambitions
We're sure you’re all aware we had PLASA 2018 at London’s Olympia conference centre this week, and what a great journey that was!! A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. – our official UK, ROI and Sweden distribution partner for: PROLIGHTS, TRIBE,...»»»
12 September 2018 Heraclea Awards – brought to light by PROLIGHTS
Let me paint you a picture… Policoro, a romantic costal Italian city boasting more culture than all Italian cheeses put together. Now visualise the Heraclea Awards; the seaside spectacle running happily into its seventh consecutive year, telling the...»»»
08 September 2018 Music & Lights proudly announces the Grand Opening of their new headquarters in Italy on 4th October 2018
Save the dates are on their way. Thursday 4th October 2018 will mark a milestone event in the history of the company. At 16:30, doors of the new HQ in Minturno Italy will be opened welcoming guests including the likes of international industry faces,...»»»
24 August 2018 Glints well and truly rock ‘Rock Werchter’
The beginning of July is a lovely time of year. The heatwave is beaming down upon us (in most places), the birds are singing and somewhere in a field in Belgium, festival-goers are donning their backpacks to trek to this years’ Rock Werchter. Yann...»»»
20 August 2018 Channel Zero rock HillRock Zwevezele in Belgium
Anyone who has ever been to a rock concert will tell you that poor quality sound or lights will kill the vibe. This was most-certainly NOT the case for HillRock. Channel Zero, the headlining act were flooded with light in the most harmonic and scene-setting...»»»
10 August 2018 The one family gathering people are wanting to be a part of… welcome Denmark!
Normally we all look for an excuse to get out of family gatherings. But, think of a fun family gathering, without the awkward silences and odd uncles but most importantly – one that everyone wants to be a part of. It is with this that we warmly welcome...»»»
09 August 2018 Festivals: here today, gone TOMORROW
We went to join in with all the glitter fun right up in the north of Italy and it has to be said, were amazed at the reception from the crowd, designers and keen on-lookers. With such a beautiful setting in the depths of the Monza city park shadowed only...»»»
02 August 2018 Bulgarian ‘GRAFA’ blows records out of the water
Vladimir Kirilkov Ampov or otherwise known as Grafa, is a name that people throughout Bulgaria could be heard chanting when he graced Polvdiv, Burgas and Varna with his presence on his sellout tour (the first Bulgarian singer every to have achieved this...»»»
27 July 2018 RA3000 takes over at Polsat Super Hit Festival, Sopot
The end of May sees one of Poland’s largest festivals rain down upon the picturesque town of Sopot in northern Poland. The Sopot Polsat Hit Festival, held on 25th – 27th May 2018 has seen incredible crowds of and a record breaking 10 million glued...»»»
19 July 2018 The fun just keeps on coming! Elit Light, welcome to the family…
The fun just keeps on coming for TRIBE, DAD, PROTRUSS and the rest of the family as Elit Light / Sound Technologies have just been appointed as the official distributor for Turkey joining existing distributor of PROLIGHTS - HEC. Pictured above, Unsal...»»»
13 July 2018 AIR5FAN generates another ‘fan’ in The Brahms
  Distrixs has been the Music & Lights distribution partner for the Netherlands for the last 7 years, representing not only Prolights, but also Tribe, Archwork, DAD Audio , Proaudio, Protruss and GDE. “For the rental and installation markets Music...»»»
06 July 2018 PROLIGHTS, not the only champion at Le Mans 2018
So, this years’ Le Mans 24 Hour race was indeed a memorable one! Not only was it complete music to the ears to hear those engines tear around the 13.62 kilometer (or that’s 8.46 miles for those of you on the imperial system!) long track but also Toyota...»»»
03 July 2018 PROLIGHTS goes on tour in Poland!
ATM Studios in Warsaw saw the introduction of Music & Lights’ PROLIGHTS products on 23/24 May 2018. This 2 day ‘reveal’ of a mix of moving heads, strobes and many more up-and-coming fixtures, provided the opportunity for all guests to have a ‘hands...»»»
22 June 2018 “La Finale” - J Ax and Fedez sign off at San Siro, Milano stadium before 80,000 fans
Nearly 80,000 fans witnessed the final performance of the two famous Milanese rappers, J Ax and Fedez,, at San Siro stadium. The stage was set like a boxing ring, stage and extended platforms of approximately 2,500 sq meters, around which it allows the...»»»
20 June 2018 Oy Lafoy join the Music & Lights family for Finland
Prolight + Sound 2018 marked the joining of another distributor to the Music & Lights family. We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to Oy Lafoy of Finland. Oy Lafoy, pictured above; “the guy with the specs is me - Hans Karlsson (right) and the...»»»
08 June 2018 Prolights lights up Circus Maximus’ return to their roots in Oslo
Oslo - Progressive metal band Circus Maximus have toured Europe supporting Symphony X, played the famous Loud Park festival in Japan as well as ProgPower in Atlanta several times. Their return to their home town of Oslo was marked by a long-awaited concert...»»»
04 June 2018 Music & Lights appoint Johanna Freytag as PR Manager
Known more recently for her prominent role at a leading European Lighting Rental company, Freytag nevertheless has an academic background – business and marketing degrees from Cambridge and Sheffield Universities leading to a Masters in Advertising...»»»
23 May 2018 ARIA700 Profile on stage in Athens for Jesus Christ Superstar, the musical
Athens, February 2018 – Jesus Christ Superstar, the awesome, classical and award-winning musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Tim Rice, which is already bookmarked in the world of entertainment as one of the core-masterpieces of all times, experienced...»»»
03 May 2018 Change of Operational Headquarter
Following the expansion of our company, we inform you that with effect from May 2018 all company activities will be brought together in the new operational headquarter in Minturno, as follows: Operational Headquarter SR 630 Formia - Cassino, Km 25,900...»»»
02 May 2018 STAGE SMARTS, new brand distribution
Music & Lights is pleased to announce that they entered into a distribution agreement for the Italian market of the entire products portfolio from the supervised and networked power distribution leader company. With immediate effect, Music & Lights will...»»»
21 April 2018 A record breaking PL+S for M&L
M&L group of brands has achieved a record breaking performance at Prolight+Sound 2018, the trade show that has become the obvious meeting point for AVL industry professionals and stakeholders from all over the world. All new products introduced and demonstrated...»»»
09 April 2018 M&L appoints Teatr Baltics distributor in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
A new , fresh but already influential sales partner joins the premium Music&Lights distribution network. Teatr Baltics has been appointed distributor for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and this for the entire group of brands: Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork...»»»
06 April 2018 A.C. Special Projects upgrade the Spirit of London Ride with Full LED Lighting
UK - A.C. Special Projects Ltd. (AC-SP) have assisted Madame Tussauds London, one of the Capital's most iconic visitor attractions, in a full LED upgrade of their popular Spirit of London ride to the very latest energy-efficient ProLights lighting solutions....»»»
03 April 2018 A.C. ET helps VE-M Take Stock of its Production Technologies
UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET) have helped full event production services company, VisionEvents Manchester (VE-M) to upgrade their equipment inventory with some of the very latest technologies from premier industry brands. Mike Docksey...»»»
29 March 2018 Music & Lights Group confirms ESL France as the distributor for their brands portfolio In France.
A premium player on the French AV-market, as well as a valued commercial partner for Music&Lights for years , Music&Lights are proud to confirm ESL as the French distributor for the brands of the entire portfolio: Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork , ProTruss,...»»»
22 March 2018 Music & Lights @ Prolight+Sound 2018
Music & Lights, group of brands, will be exhibiting at Prolight+Sound 2018 Frankfurt, from April 10th to 13th, with a large show & demo Arena of over 300sqm. You will find us in H5 stand B28 and on the open air Agora A34. A sneak overview of the main...»»»
16 March 2018 Music & Lights confirms distribution of its product portfolio in Spain by E.Q.C.
Another valuable asset in the dedicated Music & Lights distributor network is historical sales partner E.Q.C. in Spain, now confirmed as the distributor for Spain for the entire Music&Lights product portfolio: Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork , ProTruss,...»»»
14 March 2018 PROLIGHTS @ Dubai Inner City Zoo nightclub
Dubai’s reputation of exclusive and unique nightlife venues continues with the latest creation from industry leaders Solutions Leisure Group. "Inner City Zoo” located in Rixos The Walk Hotel, JBR encourages guests to release their inner animal with...»»»
09 March 2018 Music&lights group of brands distributed in Germany by FEINER LICHTTECHNIK GMBH
Another powerful boost for the Music & Lights group of brands by confirming Feiner Lichttechnik gmbh as the distributor for Germany of the entire products range : Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork , ProTruss, ProAudio and GDE. Feiner Lichttechnik gmbh...»»»
28 February 2018 M&L Group of brands confirms Prostage as the distributor for Norway
Music&Lights group of brands, in their ongoing quest for optimisation, is very happy to confirm Prostage Norway as their distributor for all the brands: Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork , ProTruss, ProAudio and GDE. Prostage over the last few years have...»»»
23 February 2018 Prolights at the Forum performs for the farewell concert by Elio e le Storie Tese
MILAN – December 19th 2017, the "Elio e le Storie Tese"- farewel concert.... This was the setting. A crowded forum with die-hard fans attending the last performance of their favourite band, with in front of the stage a coffin with a plaque inscripted...»»»
20 February 2018 The Music&Lights brands distributed in Portugal by S.L.S. s.a.
In a continuous flow integrating the world’s most renown distributors into their premium sales network Music&Lights is extremely happy to appoint S.L.S. - Sound and Light Systems SA as the distributor for Portugal . The entire Music&Lights product portfolio...»»»
14 February 2018 Victoria Theatre Halifax Puts D.A.D Speaker Monitors Centre-Stage, via AC-ET
UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (AC-ET) has supplied Dynamic Audio Device (D.A.D.) loudspeakers to the Victoria Theatre, Halifax to provide high fidelity professional stage monitoring for performers during the venue's diverse programme of shows...»»»
13 February 2018 ISE2018: a success for Music & Lights
Music & Lights , group of brands, can look back on a fantastic ISE 2018, meeting point of AV and Integrated Systems professionals worldwide, with a great interest for the innovative solutions released on this occasion. The released novelties for the PROLIGHTS,...»»»
30 January 2018 Music & Lights @ ISE 2018 (Amsterdam, February 6-9th)
Music & Lights is attending the next Integrated System Europe in Amsterdam. The kermesse of visual technologies and systems integration will be the meeting point for several presentations of new solutions for all brands. Partners and international visitors...»»»
26 January 2018 The Music&Lights group of brands distributed in poland by Show Design
Continuously expanding the premium sales network, Music & Lights confirms Show Design as their distributor in Poland for the group of brands: Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork , ProTruss, ProAudio and GDE. Over the last years Show Design earned their market...»»»
19 January 2018 The Music&Lights product portfolio distributed in Croatia by L.A.V. Studio d.o.o.
Only a week after the new Belgian distributor Luxillag, Music&Lights proudly communicates the appointment of L.A.V. Studio d.o.o. as the distributor for Croatia for the Music&Lights product portfolio: Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork , ProTruss,...»»»
12 January 2018 Prolights shines in Song Festival in Albania
Song Festival is an annual Albanian song contest started in 1962 and organised by the Albanian National Broadcaster “Radio Televizioni Shqiptar”, which functions as a preliminary for the European Songcontest. From the simple improvisations from back...»»»
03 January 2018 MUSIC&LIGHTS appoints LUXILLAG nv as the distributor for their brands in Belgium
Music&Lights is excited to appoint Luxillag nv from Belgium as their new distributor for the brands of the Music&Lights portfolio: Prolights, TRIBE, DAD, ArchWork , ProTruss, ProAudio and GDE.   Proactive on the Belgian market for over...»»»


22 December 2017 Prolights shines in The Voice of Poland 2017
The Voice of Poland is known to be one of the most prestigious TV productions in Poland and also a reference event for lighting and video in the TV industry. The Voice of Poland was recorded in the ATM studios in Warsaw,  a modern and large facility...»»»
15 December 2017 Panorama IP Airbeam @ Lake Festival (Austria)
  Lake Festival in Austria is one of two big EDM Festivals in Austria hosting some of the world’s most popular deejays, creating the “Lake Festival holiday feeling” for the 3 days.   D-TWO STAGE & LIGHT CREATIONS rental company has been involved...»»»
12 December 2017 Prolights lights up the Golden Hours installation in Lyon
From December 7th until December 10th takes place the GOLDEN HOURS installation on the Place des Jacobins in Lyon, an event of the "Fête des Lumières" in Lyon, France. Designer Jacques Rival called in the help of Jean-Marc Jolivet for the lighting...»»»
07 December 2017 Welcome to Ruben Rizzo
M&L is glad to announce that Ruben Rizzo has joined in the company in the position of  Technical Sales & Project Manager.   Ruben Rizzo is a veteran in the professional lighting industry whom, despite his young age, has over 10 years...»»»
17 November 2017 A.C. Lighting Inc. appointed as PROLIGHTS's North American Distributor
  Music & Lights  is pleased to announce their partnership with A.C. Lighting Inc.,  distributor of world-class lighting and video technologies, for PROLIGHTS products in the North American market.   PROLIGHTS debuting at LDI,...»»»
09 November 2017 Welcome to Jeroen Carette
M&L is glad to announce that Jeroen Carette has joined in the company in the position of  International Sales and Marketing Manager. Jeroen Carette is a veteran in the professional lighting and audio market, and bring on board an extensive 15...»»»
24 October 2017 NovaWorld Tour Italy 2017- Simply Magnificent!
  The fifth stop of the European NovaWorld Tour 2017 has just ended, hosted exclusively for Italy at the new Music & Lights showroom.    Over 800 square meters, located in the heart of the new ML headquarter, a technologic arena...»»»
20 September 2017 New Prolights fixtures makes an outstanding debut at Zywiec Meskie Granie in Poland
Meskie Granie is without any doubt one of the most resonant events in the Live Production in Poland and also a national reference point for the entire industry of professional Lighting and Video technologies. The Meskie Granie's itinerant festival, this...»»»
18 September 2017 Novatech Creative Event Technology extends its Prolight product range
Novatech Creative Event Technology, based in Adelaide Australia, is one of the country’s leading production companies for corporate, art, concerts and sports events. They are renowned for their collaborative approach & high quality execution...»»»
13 September 2017 Nova World Tour Europe 2017 - October 12th @ Music & Lights
Music & Lights in collaboration with Novastar is glad to presents the event "Visualize your imagination".   The event, part of the Nova World Tour Europe 2017 , after been in the biggest European capitals (Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris)...»»»
04 September 2017 Music & Lights @ Plasa2016 (London, 17-19 September)
A selection of products from the Prolights, ArchWork, and DAD families will be on display at the stand of our partner, A.C. Entertainment Technologies ( E30A ), during the forthcoming PLASA tradeshow at London’s Olympia Exhibition Center. ...»»»
01 September 2017 Prolights RAZOR440 lights-up Festa Azzurra
  Festa Azzurra is A four day festival held in mid-August in the town of Fondi, south of Rome, which wanted to further enrich the program of summer events for the national holidays. During the event, the entire main city square, has turned into...»»»
22 August 2017 AC-ET, Supplies Spectacular Lighting for British Grand Prix Party
A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. have showcased a wide range of the innovative lighting, control and networking products they supply by producing the entire lighting design for the British Racing Drivers’ Club's (BRDC) glamorous annual...»»»
10 August 2017 Prolights rocks in “Battiti Live 2017”
The 15th edition of the RadioNorba format has debuted on July 16th in Bari and will tour around Puglia over 5 dates (Bari, Nardò, Andria, Melfi and Taranto). This will be the first edition broadcasted on Mediaset TV and probably artistically and...»»»
17 May 2017 MUSIC & LIGHTS@ Showlight 2017 – Florence, 20-23rd May
Music & Lights is pleased to announce the partecipation at the Showlight 2017, one of the most important international events in the industry, being a four-year event and and a unique networking opportunity among professional lighting operators for...»»»
13 May 2017 A big success @ MiR
  The 2017 edition of the Music Inside Rimini  has ended up with a big success for Music & Lights and its solution in the market of lighting-video-audio-lifting & trussing.    An area of more than 400 sqm and equipped with...»»»
21 April 2017 Music & Lights @ MIR 2017 (7-9 May, Rimini)
From May 7th to 9th , Music & Lights will join in the Music Inside Rimini trade show, the main event for the stage industry in Italy, which offers to the professionals to experience in first person the latest Audio Video Lighting technologies of...»»»
08 April 2017 An exceptional Prolight + Sound 2017
  During the just concluded Prolight+Sound 2017, Music & Lights has presented  over 40 new solutions  in world premiere for the following segments: lighting-video-audio-structures & trussing - Public Address system, noting a steady...»»»
25 March 2017 Music & Lights @ Prolight+Sound 2017 (Frankfurt,april 4-7th)
Music & Lights will be showing a wide range of Lighting, Audio, Architectural and Rigging products in Hall 5.0, stand B28 at next weeks Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, including a focus on IP65 products and the debut of a new club lighting...»»»
13 February 2017 ISE2017: an exciting edition for Music & Lights
Music & Lights achieved an exciting edition in the international exhibition of visual technologies and system integration of professional audio / video / lighting solutions. A special and sincere thanks is given to all partners and visitors , which...»»»
23 January 2017 Music & Lights @ ISE 2017 (Amsterdam, February 7-10th )
Music & Lights will take the field at next ISE 2017, displaying in its own booth the latest technologies and the main products ranges for each of its own brand.   Partners and visitors from worldwide are invited to join our team at Amsterdam...»»»


19 November 2016 Prolights has the X Factor in 2016
The tenth series of X-Factor, Italy is breaking ratings records on Sky UNO. The talented creative team of Massimo Pascucci, Director of Photography, and Marco De Nardi, Lighting Designer, chose to use a range of Prolights products to give them the tools...»»»
15 November 2016 Prolights bring the color to Alessandra Amoroso’s "Vivere a colori" tour
October 7-8 – Prolights fixtures joined Alessandra Amoroso on stage at the Theatre Palapartenope in Naples, Italy, for the premier of her exciting new "Vivere a colori" (Living Color) tour.  Renowned lighting designer, Francesco De Cave’s...»»»
29 September 2016 Prolights ligths up Venditti’s Tortuga Tour
In the splendid venue  of Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli,  last August 20th Antonello Venditti has performed with his Tortuga Tour, a show full of emotions that tell the story of the great career of   the Roman author’s through his most...»»»
17 September 2016 Prolights shines live on the 59th Castrocaro festival
Prolights Diamond LED washlights shone on the Grand Final of the 59th Castrocaro Festival, “Voci e volti nuovi”, live on Italian national broadcaster RAI 1. Launching the careers of superstars including Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero and Caterina...»»»
10 September 2016 Music & Lights @ Plasa2016 (London, 18-20 september)
Prolights, ArchWork, DAD and Protruss products will be shown at the 2016 PLASA Show in London from 18th to 20th September at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, in the booth of our UK distributor AC-Entertainment Technologies (stand E30 ).   ...»»»
09 September 2016 Prolights LUMA 1500 joins Modà on stage at San Siro Stadium
  30 Prolights Luma1500 Moving Spot Luminaires were supplied by leading Italian rental company, Agora, for Francesco De Cave’s exciting design to celebrate the long awaited return of “Moda” at the San Siro Stadium.   ...»»»
22 July 2016 ML project-room in Lombardy region
  Music & Lights is glad to announce the opening of its new Project-room in Milan, with the purpose to develop and follow with closer support the broadcast market, video productions and entertainment activities in northern Italy.   The...»»»
15 July 2016 AC-ET supplies ProLights LED Fixtures for Coldplay Tour
A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. has supplied a range of ProLights LED fixtures to leading rental company Lite Alternative, for the European leg of Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams stadium tour – the Brit rockers’ seventh...»»»
05 July 2016 PROLIGHTS lights up the Molo Street Parade in Rimini
200 thousand people gathered on the dock of Rimini for a maxi-party Movida night in the most famous Italian coastline city. It has been the 5th successful edition of an event that for a whole night has transformed the dock of Rimini in the biggest open...»»»
20 June 2016 NOVASTAR, new brand distribution
Music & Lights is pleased to announce that they entered into a distribution agreement for the Italian market of the products portfolio of the led-display control system and video processors leader company.   With immediate effect, Music &...»»»
18 April 2016 Music & Lights: a great success at Prolight+sound
Music & Lights presented at Prolight + Sound 2016 in M ​​& L Arena an International first preview of the new solutions offered for various professional product segments, which collected exciting approvals and results, thanks to the intense...»»»
22 March 2016 Music & Lights @ Prolight + Sound 2016 (Frankfurt, 5-8 April 2016)
Music & Lights is getting ready for the coming Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt. The Exhibition dedicated to AVL technologies opens its doors on Tuesday, 5th April and ends on Friday, 8th, and will take place  at the Messe Frankfurt...»»»
11 March 2016 Air6Pix lights up the Intel Extreme Masters in Poland
March 4th, Katowice (Poland) hosts the final of the E-Sport World Championships, an International virtual tournament attended by the best gamers in the world. Intel Extreme Masters arrived at its tenth edition, has opened its doors to over 100K fans....»»»
26 February 2016 Prolights on stage at the 66th Sanremo Festival
Never change a winning team ... This is the diktat revived this year at the 66th edition of the City of flowers Festival. Once again to sign the design set the Archt. Riccardo Bocchini and the Light Designer Marco Lucarelli.   A stage that always...»»»
18 February 2016 ISE2016: a new bright landmark for Music & Lights
ISE 2016, the International exhibition in the field of visual technologies and professional audio / video  integrated systems, just closed its doors.   To all Partners and Visitors who joined us goes our special thanks for having contributed...»»»
16 February 2016 ENTTEC, new distributed brand
February 2016 - Music & Lights is pleased to announce the distribution within the Italian market of Enttec products.   The Australian company is engaged in the development and production of professional DMX/RDM controllers and splitter systems....»»»
15 February 2016 Prolights, with Circus Maximus at Rockefeller Music hall in Oslo!
Saturday 6.2, Norwegian prog metal band Circus Maximus was on stage in front of a packed crowd at Rockefeller Music hall in Oslo. The occasion was the release of their 4th full length album “Havoc”, and the band delivered a stunning performance...»»»
02 February 2016 Music & Lights @ ISE 2016 (Amsterdam, 9-12 February)
SEE PREVIEW >> Music & Lights @ ISE 2016 (Amsterdam, 9-12 February) 02 february 2016 LUMA700 Music & Lights confirms its participation at ISE 2016, the International exhibition dedicated to the visual technology and...»»»
15 January 2016 PROLIGHTS, Gigi & friends welcome 2016
150.000 persons in Bari welcomed the New Year.  It was the Gigi & Friends show, an event that saw the attendance on the stage of many guests guided by the Italian singer Gigi D'Alessio.   The Kolors, Dear Jack, Anna Tatangelo, Briga,...»»»
09 January 2016 AIR6PIX, on the stage with Nek
The awaited comeback on the National stages of Nek, the Italian singer-songwriter, has been a great success. The twenty energetic and exciting stop-overs across Italy all recorded sold out.   The AIR6PIX , a moving head LED bar equipped with 6...»»»


28 October 2015 Prolights lights up 2015 X-Factor Italia stage
The ninth edition of the italian X-Factor has just started. There will be 8 live shows of the most famous music talent show that is produced and transmitted by Sky. As per the previous years, this ninth edition is conducted by Alessandro Cattelan and...»»»
08 October 2015 First previews and confirmations of the Plasa 2015
London- The Plasa has just ended and in this international event, our Company has recorded a worldwide affirmation.   We thank sincerely all of the partners and the visitors  that have contributed to the success of this 2015 edition of the...»»»
29 September 2015 PROLIGHTS at Olimpic Stadium with Venditti
The Venditti's Concert in the Olimpic Stadium has been an event, experienced as a big and awaited return home of the Artist: his City, his crowd, and his Rome, have massively rushed as guest of a huge party. A bright countdown has launched the show and...»»»
15 September 2015 Music & Lights @ Plasa2015 (London, 4-6 October 2015)
Music & Lights will be exhibiting at the 2015 PLASA Show in London from 4th to 6th October 2015 at the ExCel Centre in London. It will be the venue to meet partners and visitors from all over the world that will have the chance to touch the products...»»»
10 September 2015 PROLIGHTS tracked the British Touring Car Championship
PROLIGHTS sponsors Jack Goff for the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). The 23 year-old British guy appeared for the first time in the category in 2013, after winning the 2012 Clio Cup UK ... a debut that saw him star in the top ten of the UK touring...»»»
02 September 2015 PROLIGHTS lights up La notte della Taranta event
The show “La notte della Taranta 2015” reached its 18th edition. Aimed at recovering the roots of the traditional Salento dance, it has never been so rock. In 200 thousand participants (a record...), under the imposing Melpignano stage, danced...»»»
16 July 2015 PROLIGHTS & MAGIC FX @ Battiti Live 2015
Battiti Live event is the tour sponsored by Radio Norba, which will bring in the coming weeks the big names of Italian pop music around picturesque towns of Puglia Region. The start took place on July, 12th, in the beautiful setting of Brindisi, and the...»»»
03 July 2015 DIAMOND lights up Vasco and his Live Kom 015
LIVE KOM 2015 has been, again, an extraordinary event... The famous Italian singer, Vasco Rossi did not disappointe his supporters, giving an intense show, rich in musical emotions, underlined by a unique performance. A particular scenography with a strong...»»»
26 June 2015 HALUROCK @ FEDEZ's Pop-Hoolista tour
A 360 ° view of a very hight production level stage where, both in the design phase and construction, professionalism and technologies have not been jeopardized. A production rich in set components where Halurock , positioned on the perimeter of the...»»»
22 June 2015 LEDCOMPASS8 and HALUPIX @ Radio Italia Live (MILAN)
The concert-event “Radio Italia Live” held in Milan and organized by Radio Italia radio station reached its 4th edition. It did not disappointed expectations, gathering a TV audience of more 2 millions followers and one hundred thousands live...»»»
07 May 2015 Archwork lights up the Tree of Life
An Italian marvel designed by the Architect Marco Balich. The big foliage inspired by the "Michelangelo" design of the paving of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome stands out against the sky for a 37-meter high. It is supported by a complex and elegant structure...»»»
23 April 2015 MAGIC FX, new brand distributed
April, 2015 - Music & Lights is pleased to announce the distribution for the Italian market of the Special Effects solutions by Magic FX. The Dutch company was founded in 1995 by a team of professionals in the field. It develops and produces professional...»»»
20 April 2015 Music & Lights: the best Prolight+Sound ever
April 2015 - Twenty-five years of history , innovation and branding, celebrated with its team , partners and customers from all over the world . A 25 years long route, a quarter of a century full of achievements, marked by innovation, technology,...»»»
04 April 2015 Welcome in the team ML to Roberto Meggiolaro
April 2015 – We are glad to announce the introduction in the team of Mr Roberto Meggiolaro as Lighting Division Product Manager. A professionally qualified profile with a direct experience of over 30 years in the  entertainment field, a solid...»»»
03 April 2015 Music & Lights @ Prolight + Sound 2015 (Frankfurt, 15-18 April, 2015)
The event PL+S 2015 which will be held next April in Frankfurt coincides with the 25th anniversary of the brand Music & Lights. The event will open its doors to the  operators on April, 15th and it will last till April, 18th, hosting the presentations...»»»
24 March 2015 Wireless Solution - Music & Lights announces the exclusive distribution.
March 2015 - Music & Lights announces the exclusive distribution, for the Italian market, of the  transmission systems, wireless DMX by Wireless Solution Sweden AB. The Swedish company, founded in 2003 by a team of lighting professionals and...»»»
19 March 2015 ANTARI: new brand distribution!
March 2015 - Music & Lights is pleased to announce the distribution, within the Italian market, of the "ambient effect" solution developed by Antari. Antari, world leader in the design and manufacture of Smoke, Fog and Bubble machines, combines high-tech...»»»
14 February 2015 An exciting edition of ISE 2015 for Music & Lights
The lights of 2015 ISE Amsterdam just turn off and we can say that it was an exciting exhibition for our company. Also this year, thanks to the 25 years of experience in the field of AVL professional technology, the success within the Dutch international...»»»
13 February 2015 Prolights at the 65th Sanremo Festival
A huge flower, in homage to the city of Sanremo ... this hi-tech flower wraps orchestra, artists and guests. The architect Riccardo Bocchini created this stage design for the 65th festival of Italian song. The structure of the plant for video contributions,...»»»
06 February 2015 SWISSON: new brand distribution
February 2015 - Music & Lights is pleased to announce the distribution, within the Italian market, of  Swisson products. The Swiss company develops and manufactures professional lighting equipment. The wide range of solutions offered by Swisson...»»»
28 January 2015 Music & Lights @ ISE 2015ISE 2015 (Amsterdam, 10-12 February)
Music & Lights confirms its participation at ISE 2015 edition  - the largest international exhibition in the field of visual technologies and professional audio/video integration systems - which will be held at the RAI congress centre in Amsterdam,...»»»
2015 is a milestone in the history of Music & Lights. In April, it celebrates 25 years full of great successes, marked by innovation, technology and internationalisation. Since 1990, thanks to the foresight of Mr Francesco Sorabella, Music & Lights...»»»
07 January 2015 Avolites, new Lighting and Video control brand for distribution
January, 2015 - Music & Lights is pleased to announce that it has entered into a distribution agreement with AVOLITES. Music and Lights will provide the entire range of Avolites Lighting and Dimming control as well as Avolites Ai Video and multimedia...»»»


15 December 2014 Music & Lights becomes distributor of ArKaos brand in Italy
After the launch of the King-net protocol implementation for the Prolights products Led management which took place last October, Music & Lights and ArKaos are pleased to announce that they entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the...»»»
25 October 2014 Prolights incorporate ArKaos Kling-Net Protocol drives
Prolights implements the ArKaos Kling-Net protocol for improving the performance of the LED mapping management,  in Halupix, Chromapix, Halurock and Chromarock projectors. The moving head HALUROCK is based on a 7×7 matrix  of high-lumen...»»»
23 October 2014 The next generation of Capture is now available!
The 2014 PLASA edition in London presented for Capture, the market launch of the new development and 3D, Argo rendering platform, after more than one year of improvement. Unprecedented import capabilities Capture Argo boasts the ability to import Sketchup...»»»
22 October 2014 Music & Lights proudly become part of Philips' LED Luminaires licensing program
Music & Lights is glad to announce the agreement with Philips to join Philips LED Luminaires licensing program . This will allow M&L, as official licensee company, the access to the extremely wide portfolio of Philips IP LED technologies. All...»»»
09 October 2014 A PLASA filled with exciting news...
The 2014 edition of PLASA has just ended, setting a new important statement for our company in the international market. We warmly thank all partners and visitors from worldwide who have visited our booth, contributing to the success of this important...»»»
17 September 2014 Music & Lights @ Plasa 2014 : Great news coming!
Music & Lights will be exhibiting at the 2014 PLASA Show in London from 5th to 8th October 2014 at the ExCel Centre in London, with a booth fully prepared with great news in the AVL segment which will be introduced during the show. The "keynote" of...»»»
01 August 2014 Luca Carboni in tour with ProLights
Fisico & Politico is the evocative and touching tour by Luca carboni which the italian songwriter has created to celebrate his three decades of career. A show led by big emotional contents, where the technical setup is strictly connected to the music...»»»
28 June 2014 LEDMATRIX25 @ Chiambretti Supermarket
CHIAMBRETTI SUPERMARKET is the variety TV show, conduct by Piero Chiambretti, in broadcast daily in the late evening on Italia 1 channel...The show, right from the beginning, is notable for its attractive and innovate scenographic choises... The set,...»»»
19 June 2014 LedCompass8 and Elisa's ANIMA VOLA TOUR
Elisa's ANIMA VOLA TOUR,  a show, that without any exceeds, is characterized by a spectacular sound and a visual impact, thanks to a particular architecture of the scenery and a brilliant job on the video contributions. Very important was the work...»»»
14 May 2014 Halupix and LedCompass: Brilliant debut on Grande Fratello 13 stage
The 2014 italian edition of Big Brother marked the return of the show after the events that forced the stop in 2013 ...A studio scenically redesigned in every detail, in which the video and graphic contributions played a key role ... DI and Di Video from...»»»
17 March 2014 Music & Lights: the best Prolight+Sound
The 2014 edition of Prolight+Sound has just ended, confirming the continuous and constant trend of growth for our company. We warmly thank all partners and visitors from worldwide who have visited our booth, making this event as the most successful....»»»
26 February 2014 Music & Lights at Prolight+Sound 2014 (Frankfurt, March 12-15, 2014)
Music & Lights will attend the coming Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, the international reference event for the audio, video and lighting technologies. The show will open from March 12 to 15 th and during this edition M&L will display...»»»
10 February 2014 ISE2014 confirms the success of Music & Lights
We warmly report our gratitude to all world-wide partners and visitors who visiting the M&L booth at the ISE show have confirmed and reinforced the success of the previous edition for our company. The international exhibition of visual technologies,...»»»
15 January 2014 Music & Lights @ ISE 2014 (Amsterdam, February 4-6)
Music & Lights confirms its participation at ISE 2014 edition, the international exhibition dedicated to the visual technology and audio/video professional integration. The event, scheduled from February 4 to 6, 2014 at the RAI congress center in...»»»


10 October 2013 Music & Lights is a protagonist at Plasa 2013
Music & Lights sends a special greetings to all those who have visited the M&L booth during the last Plasa 2013 held in Exel London, making of this first partecipation a success for our company. The stand design has been entirely designed and...»»»
09 September 2013 ProLights @ Napoli Pizza Village 2013
September 3rd, 2013 ... in the skies above Naples, the night is unexpectedly illuminated by the beams of the Genesis projectors... it's officially started Napoli Pizza Village 2013. Napoli Pizza Village , an international event (Japan, China , Russia...»»»
05 September 2013 Music & Lights at Plasa 2013, many news! stand N30
Music & Lights will be present at Plasa 2013, the international trade fair dedicated to professionals in the entertainment industry and system integration, scheduled from October 6 th to 9 th 2013 in London. This edition of the Plasa will be held...»»»
MOBY40 represents latest innovation brought by Prolights in the field of totally-wireless luminaries. Highly compact dimensions in 5.5kg only put MOBY40 on top of its category. Internal lithium battery allows up to 24 hours in color-changing mode and...»»»
13 June 2013 LedCompass8 @ di Radio Italia Live in Milano
June 11/13th, 2013 - THE RADIO ITALIA CONCERT EVENT The unique event, organized by Radio Italia was followed in live by 100,000 people in Milan and broadcast on "Italia 1" channel in two television appointments: Tuesday 11 (with a sharing of 2,000,000...»»»
01 June 2013 ProLights @ Red Bull DOUBLE TROUBLE 2013
May 17, 2013... "Red Bull DOUBLE TROUBLE", an open-air disco in Piazza Mazzini in Catania, which saw "songs that were challenged with energetic hits", from terrace to terrace the MOTEL CONNECTION ROY PACI & ETNAGIGANTE ALL STARS. An installation in...»»»
16 April 2013 Prolight+sound 2013: a real success for Music & Lights
Music & Lights sends a special and heartfelt greetings to all those who have visited the M&L booth during the last Prolight+Sound 2013 held in Frankfurt, making of this international appointment  a real success for our company. The new...»»»
26 March 2013 Music & Lights at Prolight+sound 2013: H11, D20+B20
Music & Lights confirm its presence to the upcoming edition of Prolight+Sound 2013, the leading international trade fair for event and video technology,  which will be held in Frankfurt from April 10th to 13rd. The Prolight+Sound has been recognized...»»»
06 March 2013 LedCompass8 in Bologna at "Ciao Lucio" concert
March 4th, 2013 - "Ciao Lucio, piazza Maggiore... la tua piazza Grande, ti saluta!” - These are the words that open the concert in memory of Lucio Dalla, the famous Italian singer and songwriter who died one year ago and that on March 4th...»»»
11 February 2013 Music & Lights and Wireless Solution announce agreement on partnership
Music & Lights is pleased to announce the partnership with Wireless Solution Sweden AB for distribution of Micro, Black&White& WhiteBox and WhiteBox Wireless DMX systems in its international sales network. W-DMX systems for Wireless DMX, already employed...»»»
07 February 2013 Music & Lights at ISE 2013
On its first participation to Amsterdam's ISE, the popular show for video and system integration, Music & Lights collected a remarkable success. The latest releases in video and architectural lighting introduced in the show received a strong appraisal...»»»
25 January 2013 M&L social: follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Now you can connect with Music & Lights in a whole new way, through the main social network Facebook and Twitter   to socialize,  connect, network, and get informed. M&L pages on Facebook and Twitter is dedicated to communicating with...»»»
17 January 2013 Music & Lights invitation to ISE 2013 in Amsterdam (29-31 January)
Music & Lights will exhibit in upcoming ISE 2013, the largest international exhibition for professional AV and electronics system integration, to be held in Amsterdam on 29-31 January 2013. Into stand N70 in Hall 11 Music & Lights is going to...»»»


07 December 2012 Prolights introduces PIXPAN16
A new concept to revolutionize creative lighting PIXPAN16 with its 16x30W LED COB RGB/FullColor is a new concept of projector, unrivalled for power, lightness and versatility, a real revolution in lighting sceneries and effects. Prolights is glad to introduce...»»»
07 November 2012 Music & Lights exhibiting at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam
"RAI" Exhibition Center, Stand n. N70 - Hall 11. Music & Lights will exhibit in upcoming ISE 2013 (Integrated Systems Europe), the largest international exhibition for professional AV and electronics system integration and visual technologies, which...»»»
23 October 2012 LedCompass and LedMatrix in Wonderland with Maurizio Crozza on La7 TV studios
October 19th... the first episode of "Crozza nel paese delle Meraviglie", the new "one man show" by Maurizio Crozza, goes on-air live from La7 TV studios in Milan. A set with an innovative concept, a Ledwall backdrop as the sole support of the performance...»»»
13 October 2012 Prolights introduces a new line of professional ambient effects.
The range of ambient effects is renewed by the introduction of several innovative solutions for Foggers, Hazers, Fazers and special effects, designed for professional usage in broadcasting, touring and theatrical applications. Hero : professional Foggers...»»»
15 September 2012 Gigi D'alessio "Chiaro Tour 2012" and Prolights
July 24th ... was the open date of the "Chiaro World Tour 2012" of Gigi D'Alessio. The worldwide tour started in the major Italian cities, stopping off in Europe cities before hitting USA, Mexico and Canada, and for the first time also in South America:...»»»
09 August 2012 DAD introduces Fusion series, new active and passive speakers for smart sound reinforcement
DAD Fusion is a line of 2-way loudspeakers designed for professional application as front/side-fill and stage-monitor, delivering flexibility, quality and sound pressure in typical professional audio environments. According to this logic, Fusion line...»»»
28 July 2012 DAD Touring Power, ''made in Italy'' in professional audio goes active
DAD Touring Power series is a complete range of audio systems designed to deliver amazingly high levels of sound definition, pressure and efficiency in balance between SPL, weighing and power consumption, excelling in the several demanding applications...»»»
26 July 2012 Prolights and Enel 5.0 on tour
A spectacular tour discovering electricity. Celebrating its first 50 years of corporate, economical and social history, Enel presents "Enel 5.0", a travelling hi-tech village telling a story that is revealing of the future. A tour made of 8 stages, starting...»»»
25 July 2012 Led Matrix on stage for latest "Unica Tour 2012" featuring Antonello Venditti.
An amazing large tour is "on the road" for promotion of "Unica", latest record signed by the popular Roman artist Antonello Venditti. The set of "Unica Tour 2012" has been entirely conceived and designed by light designer Massimo Tomasino , a specialist...»»»
14 June 2012 A new dimension for the multimedia with LEDCOMPASS8
LEDCOMPASS8 is a LED module to create ledscreens with 8mm pixel pitch, ideal for video screening, pictures and backgrounds for medium viewing distances from ledwall surface. The architecture of LEDCOMPASS8 is conceived with 600x600 mm module size, featuring...»»»
12 June 2012 Just a look to BidAS
The first edition of BidAS gala exhibition (Arts and Entertainment Italian stock maket) is just concluded; event that took place at the picturesque location of the paddock area inside the racetrack of the park of Monza. The exhibition gave to all visitors...»»»
19 May 2012 Music & Lights presents BidAS
From May 24 to May 27 Music & Lights will attend the first edition of the   exhibition gala BidAS ( Arts and Entertainment Italian stock maket ) that will take place at the picturesque location of the paddock area inside the racetrack...»»»
02 April 2012 The new Catalogues 2012/13 are now on line!
To discover the new 2012/13 Catalogues do not hesitate to visit the dedicated section, or download and consult the virtual ones.

28 March 2012 Prolight+sound 2012
Music & Lights has been a main player of last "Prolight+Sound" international fair held in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, hosting partners and visitors coming from many different countries to discover the new products introduced during 2012. On an...»»»
18 February 2012 TITAN and SLASH: Light becomes Platinum
Prolights is glad to announce that during the coming Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt will introduce the new generation of fixtures in the Zenith range, equipped with 5R Platinum Philips lamp. SLASH is a 189W moving Beam light   which allows...»»»
27 January 2012 M&L at prolight+sound 2012: H11, D20+B20
Prolight+Sound:M&L introduces the news of 2012 The Prolight+Sound Exhibition is the most awaited event in the field of technologies and products for the show and the entertainment industry. Also for the 2012 edition, the exhibition will be held in...»»»
15 January 2012 Cromowash600: Inspiration is FullColor
Prolights is glad to announce that during the coming Prolight+Sound 2012 exhibition will reveal new models in the Cromo range. CromoWash600 is the first moving Wash-LED with high-power Full Color LED source, especially designed for high-end project and...»»»


15 December 2011 New models in the zoom range of ArcLed series
Prolights is glad to introduce 2 new models in the zoom range of ArcLed series. ArcLed7361ZOOM and ARCLEDVW will be revealed during the coming Exhibition Prolight+Sound2012 in Frankfurt. ARCLED7361ZOOM is a unique LED luminaire in LED lighting range for...»»»
07 November 2011 ArcLed4312WX
ARCLED4312WX is the first LED luminaire in the Prolights range conceived to guarantee a totally wireless operation. The internal battery pack allow a 12 hours autonomy (continuous operation) and the DMX input is provided by a 2.4 GHz antenna receiver....»»»
22 July 2011 Preview: ArcTab e ArcPad
ArchWork is glad to introduce ARCTAB and ARCPAD , the brand-new wall-mounted DMX controllers especially designed for LED architectural installation with RGB colour calibration. ARCTAB is a touch-sensitive DMX interface with stand-alone operation conceived...»»»
13 July 2011 Preview: Cromowash100 e Cromowash300
Prolights is glad to introduce the new CROMOWASH300 and CROMOWASH100 , the latest moving wash-LED projectors of Cromo range, available from September2011. CROMOWASH300 Prolights CROMOWASH300 is a moving LedWasher equipped with the brand-new "fast-zoom"...»»»
13 May 2011 DAD Live Series welcome the subwoofer: LIVE12SA
DAD presents the new 600W active subwoofer with bass-reflex configuration...»»»
13 May 2011 Ivana Spagna in tour con ProLights
Event : Ivana Spagna Tour 2011 Rental/Production : Singwolf Service Releated products : Z300Beam , LedMatrix25 With the beginning of italian concert season, Music & Lights is glad to announce the presence of some 2011 news in the scenography which...»»»
09 May 2011 ArcLed: Tri-color
ARCLED7314TRI is a professional luminaires featuring 14 Tricolor 3W LEDs fitted into a single matrix. ARCLED7314TRI is the first choice in terms of quality and performance for professionals light-design projects in medium and large size environments....»»»
13 April 2011 Prolights introduces Cromo series
Prolights is glad to introduces new Cromo moving heads, three models based on LED source, available in Spot and Beam version. The cutting edge high power Luminus source allow to compare this new fixtures to the traditional discharge lamp moving heads....»»»
11 April 2011 prolight+sound 2011
Music & Lights has been a main player of last "Prolight+Sound" international fair, which took place in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, hosting his dealers and partners coming from all over the world to discover the new products released during 2011....»»»
01 March 2011 New 2011/2012 product catalogues online
Visit the Catalogue section of our website to discover the new 2011/2012 catalogues and be informed about new product launch becomes even richer with the new downloadable product catalogs online. The six different versions are designed...»»»
28 February 2011 GDE: New Brand Debut
Music & Lights is pleased to present the new GDE brand (General Distribution for Entertainment), a wide line of tools and accessories, duly designed to meet the requirements of professionals dealing with events and installations in the entertainment...»»»
22 February 2011 Prolight+Sound Show 2011
Appointment request form . April 6th-9th 2011, Frankfurt Hall 11 - Stand D20   Following the success of previous editions, Music & Lights confirms its participation to the prestigious exhibition of entertainment technologies, which will be held...»»»
17 February 2011 ProLights - Strip led
SMD5050 Fullcolor and WarmWhite technology for indoor/outdoor applications....»»»
04 February 2011
Wireless microphone with VHF-band radio frequency technology....»»»
31 January 2011 AS70 - AS72 Proaudio introduces the new high-line microphone stands
The new two professional micstand models introduced by Proaudio....»»»
31 January 2011 Product release: stage boards by Protruss
Easystage and Flexystage are the latest modular staging systems conceived by Protruss....»»»


15 October 2010 Nuovo Zenith 700 spot.
Zenith700SPOT is the new SPOT-light moving head projector developed within Prolights range, designed to exceeds many of the limits which have represented problems for lighting professionals in the past. Why is Zenith700SPOT to be considered a unique product...»»»
01 October 2010 Video Gallery
The website has been improved with the new Video Gallery section......»»»
15 September 2010 ArcLed by Prolights: FullColor version now available.
ArcLed by Prolights: FullColor version now available . Prolights is glad to introduce the new lighting projectors in the Arcled range, enginereed with FullColor technology. The new models ARCLED1318FC and ARCLED2336FC expand possibilities and performance...»»»
20 May 2010 ProTruss Cablecross.
PROTRUSS line extends its range of products regarding civil and professional safety, renewing and expanding CABLECROSS series with products for installation of cables in public areas subject to crossing of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. New models...»»»
10 April 2010 ProTruss Power Flex.
Power Flex is the ideal solution for large size covering systems with high load capacity. The structure is made of structural aluminum  alloy beams of 74 cm height, with covering guide upper profile. It can   be assembled with an intuitive...»»»
15 March 2010 Welcome to Stefano Previtali.
Music & Lights Italy is glad to announce the appointment of Mr. Stefano Previtali as Export Manager. Francesco Sorabella, president of the company, states: "We welcome Stefano Previtali in Music & Lights. He is an experienced manager with a deep...»»»
05 March 2010 ProLights Diamond Laser.
Performance and technical innovations are the prerogatives in design and development of new PROLIGHTS products. Diamond series are latest laser-based  projectors for multimedia lighting. Developed to meet demands of high-end professionals and of...»»»
20 February 2010 ProLights ArcLed.
ARCLED PROLIGHTS is a series of high-tech and powerful colorchangers, designed for indoor and outdoor artistic lighting applications. ARCLED line introduces ten new models, with a wide range in technical and functional profiles  extending the choice...»»»
15 January 2010 ProLights Zenith Series.
New Zenith Series extend Prolights line with moving heads of top profile in terms of power, technological contents and build quality. Zenith Series includes four different projectors, each one excelling in its own category for brightness, colour richness,...»»»
05 January 2010 Prolight+Sound Show 2010.
During the renowned exhibition of entertainment technologies, which will be held from 24th to 27th March 2010 in Frankfurt (Germany), Music & Lights will present several new products under the sign of Made in Italy, starting from the brand new lifting...»»»


20 September 2009 Road Series Speakers.
DAD extends its range of professional speakers with Road Series, a brand new project, an excellent compromise between quality, performance, design and handiness. Flexibility of configurations is ensured by the wide and complete assortment, ranging from...»»»
05 August 2009 SX Series Amplifiers.
DAD presents the new SX series professional power amplifiers, based on S.M.P.S. technology. These features allows to further improve efficiency by lowering thermic dissipation, giving increased output power and lighter weight as results. SX series uses...»»»
01 August 2009 Vary Lifter Series.
The new lifters of the Vary Lifter series introduce a genuine innovation in the elevation field, offering versatility for the various types of use, making it ideal for lifting and supporting sound systems, lighting systems (Line Array) and stage scenarios....»»»
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