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PROLIGHTS Ecl range a success in streaming studios

10 December 2020

It has been a year since the release of the PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC, a 2x1 softlight with tunable white and coloured LED soft light for TV and studios. Since its release, PROLIGHTS has been able to tap into a new market - one that looks for high-quality, reliable fixtures with a good ROI.

With recent product launches of late 2020, PROLIGHTS had expanded the ECL collection into what can be described as a one-stop lighting solution for TV, streaming and motion picture studios - the product portfolio includes Fresnels, Ellipsoidals, Pars, Cyclorama and Soft-Light panels, with fixtures available in multiple sizes and with different LED sources as Tunable White + Coloured LED sources or static white (tungsten and day-light). “We are one of few companies that are able to offer a complete lighting system for studios,” said Fabio Sorabella, Managing Director at PROLIGHTS. He added: “We have recently observed that, apart from film companies involved in motion picture productions, several event companies are shifting their business model to online, streamed events. This often requires skilful designers with knowledge of TV lighting. What's so great about our range is that you don't need to balance different sources - with our optimized colour algorithm, you can benefit from the ease of use, making the matching process a lot easier than trying to balance fixtures from several manufacturers.”

Since the first shipment of an ECL product, over tens of thousands of units across the range were delivered worldwide and gone to multiple TV, film and streaming studios, rental companies and production houses. It has been used on shows like The Voice and Master Chef and lit countless streaming events as companies took their presentations online.

Paolo Albani, International Sales Manager for Prolights, also commented: “The EclPanels TWC and the EclPanels TWCJr, its 1x1 alternative are also more accessible comparing to other products, outperforming in output, colour rendering and bringing considerable cost savings thanks to our smart business model that makes them more accessible to all users.”

The entire ECL range was designed and engineered in Italy and put through rigorous optics and calibration tests before it even reaches the assembly line. The range is not older than one year, and it uses the latest electronics and LED sources available - this includes RGBW + Warm White sources or six colour LED array, across the range, except in the fixed coloured options. The company prioritizes TM-30 and TLCI sources, and high refresh PWM settings optimised for ultra-high-definition cameras.

ECL products are also available in pole-operated versions and have a range of accessories available, developed by Prolights or referenced third-parties: “We wanted a broad and premium range of accessories for our EclPanels and decided to partner with DoP Choice, as it's well established in the market- from SnapBag®, SnapGrid®, Rabbit-Ears® and SnapBox®, we make sure that all products have the right accessories right as we launch them. We don't let customers waiting,” said Sorabella. The panels can also be operated by a battery, through its 4-pin XLR, accepting industry-standard batteries.

The ECL range is available through local distributors and stocked in Italy.

(featured photo by europalco)
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