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Immagine Principale
  • ANTF1E
  • ANTF1E
  • ANTF1E
  • ANTF1E
  • ANTF1E
  • ANTF1E
  • A complete makeover of X-310, F-1 Fazer equip with new technology and features from the F-Series family. The air pump system enhances and smoothes the mixture of fog liquid and air to produce fine, dry fog with minimal fluid consumption. Also, enable the machine with a self-cleaning function to extend the lifespan of heater elements. Smart auto-sensing frequency feature allows the machine to self-adjust to the local frequency without the hassle to change any setting.


    3 DMX Control Mode
    Fog volume with fan at 100%      
    Fog and fan volume control
    Fog and fan sync mode
    Larger tube diameter
    Built-in air pump with self-cleaning function
    Highest fog quality: dry and pure
    Power: 230V
    Power consumption: 700W
    First Heat-up Time: 5 min
    Tank capacity: 2,4 litres
    Fluid consumption rate: 8,5 ml/min
    Control: DMX, W-DMX (optional), onboard control panel, wireless remote
    Optional remotes: W-1 wireless remote
    Weight: 14,1 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 275x286x608 mm
    Liquid used: Antari FLG liquid

    Accessory Code
    ANTF1E (optional)
    ANTZ390E (optional)
    ANTZ350E (optional)
    ANTZ380E (optional)
    ANTF4 (optional)
    ANTF5DE (optional)
    ANTF7E (optional)
    ANTW530DE (optional)
    ANTIP1000E (optional)
    ANTWIFI800E (optional)
    ANTW515DE (optional)
    ANTW510E (optional)
    ANTW508E (optional)
    H100F (optional)
    GH080F (optional)
    High-Density FOG/FAZE machine fluid, water-based, 5L tank
    ANTF1E (optional)
    ANTAF3E (optional)
    ANTIP1000E (optional)
    ANTAF5RE (optional)
    ANTSW250E (include)
    ANTM4E (optional)
    ANTHZ350E (include)
    ANTW508E (include)
    ANTW510E (include)
    ANTW530DE (include)
    ANTFT100E (include)
    ANTW515DE (include)
    wireless remote control, dist.50m, freq.315/433MHz, wireless ON/OFF
    ANTF1E (optional)
    ANTF5DE (optional)
    ANTF7E (optional)
    ANTM4E (optional)
    ANTM7RGBAE (optional)
    ANTW515DE (optional)
    ANTW530DE (include)
    ANTARI kit with WDMX PCB and WDMX receiver


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