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Immagine Principale
  • ANTIP1000E
  • ANTIP1000E
  • ANTIP1000E
  • This brand-new IP-1000 has been a breakthrough from the past models that are only limited in indoor usage. 1000W fog machine featuring a sleek stainless exterior that renders this powerful fog machine impervious to both dust and water spray. This new IP-65 rated model represents both a technical and aesthetic advancement, melding an appealing fresh form and groundbreaking practical functionality in a new unit suitable for a wide range of club, installation, retail and leisure applications and beyond. Combining the solid performance for which Antari fog machines are known with leading-edge enhancements, the IP-1000 spray-proof fog machine is an exciting addition to the Antari line.


    Stainless steel case makes it perfect for operating in outdoor with a damp condition
    Typical Antari quality heat exchanger generates pure and dry fog
    To give you the flexibility of installation and maximize the duration of continuous operation, IP-1000 does not come with an attached fog fluid tank. With a 10-meter long fog fluid tube coming along with IP-1000, you can deploy your fluid tank at any place where is most convenient for you. You can also use a huge fog fluid tank (not included with the original package) to enable your expected continues operation time
    Power: 230V
    Heater: 1000W
    Output: 15000 cu.ft/min
    First heat-up time: 11 min
    Fluid Consumption rate: 11 min/liter (100% output)
    Remote included: IP-10 remote
    Weight: 8,8 kg
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 250x148x355 mm
    Liquid used: Antari FLR/FLG liquid

    Accessory Code
    ANTIP1000E (optional)
    ANTAF3E (optional)
    ANTAF5RE (optional)
    ANTSW250E (include)
    ANTF1E (optional)
    ANTM4E (optional)
    ANTHZ350E (include)
    ANTW508E (include)
    ANTW510E (include)
    ANTW530DE (include)
    ANTFT100E (include)
    ANTW515DE (include)
    wireless remote control, dist.50m, freq.315/433MHz, wireless ON/OFF
    ANTIP1000E (optional)
    ANTW530DE (optional)
    ANTDNG100E (optional)
    ANTICE101E (optional)
    ANTWIFI800E (optional)
    ANTW508E (optional)
    ANTW510E (optional)
    ANTW515DE (optional)
    H100F (optional)
    GH080F (optional)
    Low-Density FOG/FAZE machine fluid, water-based, 5L tank
    ANTIP1000E (optional)
    ANTZ390E (optional)
    ANTZ350E (optional)
    ANTZ380E (optional)
    ANTF4 (optional)
    ANTF1E (optional)
    ANTF5DE (optional)
    ANTF7E (optional)
    ANTW530DE (optional)
    ANTWIFI800E (optional)
    ANTW515DE (optional)
    ANTW510E (optional)
    ANTW508E (optional)
    H100F (optional)
    GH080F (optional)
    High-Density FOG/FAZE machine fluid, water-based, 5L tank


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