Titan Mobile Wing
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  • Titan Mobile Wing
    Titan Mobile Wing gives direct access to items that are always needed, such as Shape Overlay Cues, Blinders, House Lights, Smoke Machines or Performer Key Lights for TV productions. The generous, 30 User Programme Executors offer control or selection of Cues, Lists, Palettes, Groups or user programmable Macros.
    As our industry ‘greens up’ and wises up, many shows have become ‘festival tours’ where theonly things to be freighted around are the band, designers and flexible control systems.
    The control surface of TITAN Mobile coupled with Avolites touring experience enables designers to ‘keep it live’ while preserving their shows visual integrity.
    Live Playbacks, Solo and Flash buttons, user programmable buttons and Attribute controller senable fast and accurate show programming in a flight friendly package.

    Avolites TITANMobile – catering to the needs of our ever changing industry
    Direct output of 4 fully isolated DMX universes, to help protect your Titan Mobile and Laptop against power surges on a DMX LINE, and up to 16 DMX universes output via ARTnet.

    Titan power
    Titan software is a superbly flexible console operating system with the ability to get a showon with the minimum of pre programming. Once fixtures are patched you can start runningor programming a show knowing that at your fingertips are: powerful Cue List facilitieswith the widest number of options for move in the dark to assist with programming; fullindividual fixture attribute timing; Pixel Mapping; Shape generation; powerful grouping andsub grouping; a uniquely powerful Fixture Exchange with the addition if needed of a CombinedShow Import; and hundreds of other useful and effective tools to facilitate fast and reliableprogramming with instant hands on operation. And like all Avolites consoles a comprehensivefixture library fully supported and updated by and at Avolites with support you can rely on.And obviously any Titan show can load into any Titan console, so if you have a mix of Titanconsole they are all compatible.

    • 20 smooth, Playback Faders
    • 30 programmable Executors
    • Local, Independent Paging Control
    • USB Powered - no need for a separate PSU
    • Robust Construction, built for the life on the road
    For the product no accessories are related, for more information please consult the catalogue or the relevant user manual


    Accomplish more with our product updates
    Make sure you always get your product updated to the most recent software/hardware versions to obtain the best result out of your fixture and your show.
    Collecting feedbacks from users, we constantly add new capabilities, and improve customer experience and  technical endurance.
    Get in touch with our team for any questions or assistance.



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