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  • The Quartz is the newest addition to the Titan Mobile family, complete with on-board processing and a bright, vibrant 12.1” screen, in our smallest full-featured console. Super compact, measuring only 42.5cm wide, the Quartz is the ideal companion for all your lighting projects, from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs.
    Featuring the same high quality faders and hardware you've come to expect from Avolites, the Quartz can go anywhere you can, ideal for life on the road.
    Offering full compatibility with Multi user, the Quartz is also perfect for use as a back-up or extra programming surface, cutting your programming time. The Quartz is ready to benefit from multi band Sound to Light Triggering functionality, offered in Titan version 9.
    In order to update the console to version 12 of the Titan, it will be necessary to purchase and install a USB dongle called AVOKEY.


    Serial 0000 - 3000
    You need to order AVOKEYINT

    Once you've received your AvoKey, you will be required to connect this directly to the available USB port inside the console (on the motherboard).
    Click here to view the installation guide: https://www.avolites.com/Portals/0/Downloads/Manuals/AvoKey/8000-6101 Quartz AVOKEY no cable.pdf


    Serial 3001 and above include a factory fitted AvoKey.

    Therefore, you do not need to purchase an AvoKey.

    Super compact form - just 42.5cm wide.
    4 physical DMX XLR-5 connectors.
    16 DMX universes from the console - 8192 channels.
    Compatible with Titan Net - up to 64 universes.
    Gigabit network port for Titan Net, Artnet and streaming ACN.
    Built in MIDI input, no extra boxes required.
    10 precision playback faders.
    3 high quality optical encoders.
    Compatible with Titan Remote.
    20 programmable macro buttons.
    Supports multi-band Sound-to-Light.
    Bright and vibrant 12.1" angled touch sreen with brightness control.
    DVI-D for external display.
    Headphone output.
    Button layout harmonised with the rest of the Titan range.
    Robust construction - built for life on the road.
    Conveniently located front panel mounted super speed USB3 port.
    Expandable with Titan Mobile Wing through dedicated USB port.
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 425x 466x194 mm (console only); 520 x 480 x 300 mm (console in flight case).
    Weights: 8 kg (console only); 15.65 kg (console in flight case).

    Accessory Code
    AVOQUARTZ (optional)
    Flightcase for Avolites Quartz
    AVOQUARTZ (optional)
    AVOARENA (optional)
    AVOTIGERTOUCH2 (optional)
    AVOSAPPHIRE (optional)
    AvoKey internal (red)
    AVOQUARTZ (include)
    Cover for Avolites Quartz
    AVOQUARTZ (optional)
    Lamp for Avolites Quartz


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    Collecting feedbacks from users, we constantly add new capabilities, and improve customer experience and  technical endurance.
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