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    For Capture 2021 our focus has been distributed equally among the three pillars of our product - design, documentation and visualisation. With the new polygon editor you can create more complex geometries within Capture. Improvements have been made to DWG handling. MVR import/export enhances interoparability with other systems. Plots and reports are now far more customisable. A line object and a ruler has been added to the library. 

    Special effects like flame Jets and CO2 jets are now available so as to visualise all aspects of a show along with enhancements in camera handling and rendering framerates. Last but not least there are numerous new material properties that breathe life into your designs, like normal maps, metallic and roughness textures, and alpha channel support.


    What's new on Capture 2021:


    Extruded Polygons. Create extruded Polygons using the new Polygon library form and the new Polygon model editor.
    Mirror Function. Mirror the arrangement of objects, or create a mirrored duplicate.


    More library tab filters. For fast and detailed searches.
    Revised truss selection. Truss related Select all.. commands have been renamed for improved clarity.
    Select all by fixture group. Allows selecting all fixtures in the same group(s) as already selected fixture(s).
    Select all by fixture location. Selects all fixtures on the same location or on the same truss.
    Maintain motion fixture references on duplicate. Cloning a selection of objects containing both motion fixtures and references to them now preserves such references.
    Display angles in optics properties. Optics angles are always shown when choosing optics.


    File Exchange
    MVR Import/Export. Import and Export MVR models, including fixture and patch information.
    Shared geometry in DWG import. Preventing duplication during import of multiple identical block references improves performance and reduces project file sizes.
    Shared geometry in DWG export. Sharing block definitions for identical geometry (only for newly imported objects).
    Pan and tilt settings in CSV. Invert and start/end limits are now both exported and imported.
    Import fixture modes from CSV.
    Default unit in CSV import. New option in CSV import that allows specifying the unit to apply for position columns if a unit is missing.
    Changing coordinate system on export. The same coordinate system choices as for CSV import are now available for export as well.
    Preserved patch when cloning fixtures across projects. Object units, and fixture channel, circuit and patch properties are cleared when cloned in the same project. When cloned from another project they are preserved.
    Improved import of fixture data with scrollers and yokes. For updating existing fixtures and adding missing fixtures.


    New plot editor design.A library tab has been added instead of the context menu to add insets.
    Customisable plot headers. The old plot header has been replaced by three new templates.
    Plot text inset variable substitution. Variables can now be used in plot text insets.
    Plot text inset formatting. Markdown style heading and paragraph formatting.
    Improved inset border styling. Inset border thickness is now configurable in points. Inset margins added. Image inset behaviour improved. Inset edge roundness added.
    Fixture unit annotations. Fixture units are now movable annotations with opaque or transparent style.


    New line object.Lines with different styles are now available in the library.
    New ruler object.Rulers with different alignments and segment lengths are now available in the library.


    Report table customisation.Report tables and columns can be renamed. The default ascending column sort order can be changed to descending.
    Separated filters from gobos. Filters and gobos are now separate columns in the fixtures and fixture groups tool panes. They are also separate columns in reports and separate settings in plot styles.
    Cut, copy and paste shortcuts. The standard Windows and macOS keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy and paste now work in text editors. The Clone command has become the Duplicate command instead.


    New license installation. Licence key file and unlock code is installed in user space. Command line administrative installation with -installKeyFile installs the key file and unlock code in shared user space.
    New library installation. The library that comes with the installation is used right away. An overriding library can be installed in user space - if the library that comes with the installation changes, the user is asked whether that should be used instead.


    Special Effects
    Flame Jets & CO2 Jets. New particle effect technologies added in the library as built-in fixtures.
    Unlimited Jets. Limitation of number of Water Jets per Capture Edition removed.


    Fixture Visualisation
    Increased projection resolutions. The resolution of gobos and framing shutter cuts has been increased from 128px to 512px.
    Vortex effect. As seen in the Clay Paky A.leda B-EYEs.
    LED panels included in fill lighting.
    Continuous rotation of limited axis. Pan and tilt axis with operational ranges less than 360° can now be operated in continuous rotation without skipping otherwise inaccessible ranges.
    Pan & tilt fanning. Creating and modifying fan effects for pan and tilt parameters.


    Performance Improvements
    Improved snapshot playback and control pane. Snapshot playback and control pane manipulation of larger quantities of fixtures perform better.
    Improved performance of scenes in large projects.


    New material properties. Alpha mode & cutoff, metallic & roughness textures, normal maps, occlusion, luminance color & texture, fluorescense, back projection, double sidedness and forwardisation.


    Recording more camera properties. The vertical field of view, ambient lighting and exposure adjustment camera properties are now recorded in snapshots.
    Camera patch range. Patch precision in cm or dm replaced with a range value in meters.
    Camera patch angle and FoV ranges. The angular and field of view ranges can now be specified.
    Hide View Navigator. View without any User Interface obstruction.


    Configurable snapshot framerate. The (base) framerate of snapshots is now configurable. This controls the framerate of rendered movies as well.
    Cleanup of rendering terminology. The Save Image action has been split into Save Image and Render Image. Rendering settings has been renamed to visualisation settings.

    For the product no accessories are related, for more information please consult the catalogue or the relevant user manual


    Accomplish more with our product updates
    Make sure you always get your product updated to the most recent software/hardware versions to obtain the best result out of your fixture and your show.
    Collecting feedbacks from users, we constantly add new capabilities, and improve customer experience and  technical endurance.
    Get in touch with our team for any questions or assistance.



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