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Immagine Principale
  • CC535
  • CC535
  • CC535
  • CC535
  • CC535
  • CC535
  • CC535
  • Heavy-duty crossover cable with 5 channels for the crossing up to 35 mm of the section

    Base: module built in semi-rigid high-density foam polyurethane
    Closing panel: yellow anti-slip polyethene
    Reflectors and safety symbols for easy sighting and a safe crossing
    Hinge joint designed to set and remove the lids quickly
    Side ramps with mild slope allowing for the crossing of small wheels such as pushchairs and wheelchairs
    Base surface designed to obtain maximum ground grip
    Each unit is supplied with a comfortable and ergonomic handle for the transport
    Modulation with dovetail joint system for a simplified installation and fast fixing
    Practicals lanes for the sorting of each channel
    Fire resistant properties, electrical isolation and resistant to acid and solvents

    Accessory Code
    CC535 (optional)
    22.5° curved module for CC535, 5 ducts (WxH) 35x35 mm, size (WxHxD) 31x50x5,5 cm


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