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  • CHRCQSA512
  • CHRCQSA512
  • CHRCQSA512
  • A versatile DMX controller that provides powerful Stand Alone mode triggering capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of project and installations.
    Compatible with all Chromateq software, it can be integrated into scalable control systems designed for live performance or fixed installation, or deployed individually without a computer as an elegantly simple but sophisticated standalone control solution.

    Thanks to its powerful Stand Alone mode, the CQSA is the definitively perfect DMX controller for all type of entertainment and architectural projects. It can play 1 to 5 Zones (scene) at a time without a computer. Hardware is compatible with LED Player, Pro DMX and Studio DMX software, so the interface is suitable for all Live applications and fixed installations. The interface can play black a complete project without PC and the new additional SD card slot gives the possibility to extend the memory capacity. The Splitter mode can make your installation more reliable and the USB interface offer more triggering possibilities. Users can customize the interface functions and modes, it is possible to choose what mode to activate or not in Stand alone from any of the available modes (Trigger, Page, Zone, Color, Dimmer, Speed) and load the modes of your choice in memory.


    NOTE: No PSU included.



    • DMX output: 512 In/Out channels PC and Stand Alone, default 2x512 Splitter mode
    • Zone: 1 Zone, play 1 scene/sequence at time in Stand Alone
    • Memory: Micro SD Card (all FAT format, up to 256 GB) + Internal memory (No SD card required)
    • DMX Modes: DMX In/Out (PC), DMX Splitter, DMX Merge, DMX Record
    • RS232: Can receive triggers from RS232 devices (16 characters max)
    • Stand Alone Options: 6 selectable modes: Buttons (8), Pages (10), Zones (5), Colour (99 RGB + 8 RGBW),
                                         Commands from the Contacts (Speed, scene, dimmer, zone)
                                         Time Clock setting adjustable manually in Stand Alone
                                         16-bit and fine channel management
                                          Automatic Scene Recovery if the power is cut off
                                          Cross Fade time between scenes
                                          Turn Off display after 4s., Default start scene, Dimmer and RGB colour selection
                                          Master/Slave mode with Up to 32 devices combined and synchronized (64 universes)
    • Triggers (Stand Alone): 8 Buttons with blue status LED, 10 pages,
                                            Real Time Clock and calendar for each scene (Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)
                                            7 Dry Contacts on 3~5V (On, On/Off, Release, Restart, Scene Priority, 127contacts max)
                                            Can command the device from the Dry Contacts
                                            Can receive RS232 trigger commands in Live and Stand Alone (16 characters max)
                                             Infrared Remote, Light intensity (with optional deported PCB and remote)
    • Max DMX Outputs (USB): x12 USB interfaces connected = 12 DMX max
    • Power: 5V DC (USB), 5V to 24V - 0.2A (DC connector), 0.2W, High Voltage Protection
    • Dimension: H : 38mm (1.49in) / W : 166mm (6.54in) / D : 97mm (3.82in)
    • Housing: Black ABS Plastic with 4 mounting slots
    • I/O Connectors: Mini USB 2.0, 3 pin XLR (XLR5 optional)
    • Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 C°
    • IP Rating: IP40
    • Certifications: CE, LVD, RoHS



    • LED Player: Up to 64x512 DMX Outputs (LED Player + Pro DMX + Studio DMX compatible)
    • Pro DMX: 30 minutes loop of Audio and Video Timeline with Pro DMX
    • Pixxem: 8x512 Artnet, 128x128 or 16384 Pixels
    • Studio DMX: 3D viewer in real time (Full mode)
    • DMX in record and DMX in triggers (PC)
    • 1 ARTNET Universe
    • Wi-Light 2 APP: Mobile software control (Android, iOS)
    • Art-Net Output from PC: 2x512 DMX Outputs per connected device
    • System Compatibility: Windows, MAC Os X (10.6 and +) and Linux (64) compatible
    • Technical support: Worldwide, English, French, Chinese


    • 1 Zone: Play 1 scene a time
    • Scene selection with Next and Previous buttons + Valid
    • Page and scene selection (10 pages of 8 triggers each)
    • Color selection (8 customs and a wheel of 100 colors)
    • Scene speed and general Dimmer adjustment
    • Cross Fade time between scenes
    • 16 bits and fine channel management
    • Automatic Scene Recovery if the power is accidently cut off
    • Merging DMX input signals


    • Real Time Clock RTC for each scene (Day, Week, Month, Year)
    • 7 dry contacts to 5V. (On, On/Off, Release or Restart scenes)
    • Up to 127 contact when multiplexed
    • RS232 triggers in PC and Stand Alone
    • Light intensity via an external PCB with Light sensor (Optional)
    • Infrared via an external PCB module + remote (Optional)


    • 3 Pins XLR (XLR5 optional)
    • RJ45 connectors for I/O and triggers
    • Size & Weight: H: 4 cm ; W: 16 cm ; L: 10 cm ; 0.2 Kgs
    • Power input of 5 to 24V. - 0.2A (standard DC connector)
    • Black housing with 4 mounting holes, ABS Plastic
    • Operating temperatures: -40 to +85 Cº
    • Certifications: CE, RoHS, LVD


    • 512 in/Out PC and Stand Alone DMX channels (using no PC)
    • SD Card reader and SD compatible (Fat format)
    • 4 Mb of internal memory (min. capacity: 4,000 steps/512 ch)
    • Splitter mode (2x512 DMX output)
    • Scene Speed, manual color (RGBW), page, Dimmer modes
    • 8 trigger buttons with blue LED
    • 4 buttons for Mode, valid, + and -
    • Standard Mini USB 2.0 (Input) - 5V. DC
    • Master/Slave mode to interconnect and synchronize up to 32 interfaces (32768 dmx channels without pc use)

    Accessory Code
    CHRCQSA512 (optional)
    9V Power supply, 0,5A for Chromateq CQSA

    Data sheet & specs

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    Letter datasheet Chrcqsa512_A4_DATASHEET.pdf 1MB

    User manual

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    DMX chart & personalities

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    CAD symbols & drawings

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