EcoDrive 360/A
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  • ECOdrive by eldoLED.

    Programmable digital ECOdrive LED driver providing standard LED fixtures with the smoothest flicker-free dimming to 1% light output, delivering value to any application. The LED driver is compatible with the DALI-2 lighting control protocol, and works seamlessly together with LED modules, controls and intelligent  luminaire elements.

    Features & benefits
    Natural dimming: Dim to 1%, smooth brightness changes, excellent flicker performance, adaptable dimming curves, configurable minimum dimming level.
    LEDcode: LEDcode2 connects to integrated digital accessories, supports location-based IoT applications and enables wired and wireless lighting control through LEDcode peripheral devices.
    Programmable: Fine-tune your driver for any application.
    Performance: Hybrid HydraDrive technology is proven to work in TV studios and security camera environments.
    Pulse dimming: Different switching and dimming functions are initiated by pressing and holding the standard mains voltage switch for varying lengths of time.

    Programming tools
    Programming interface: TOOLbox pro.
    Programming cable set: TOOLbox pro to LED driver, programming cable, 5pcs.
    Programming Hand-held, Touch-and-Go: PJ0035HH1.
    Programming jig: PJ0300A1.
    Programming software: FluxTool.

    Input characteristics
    Nominal input voltage range AC: 120 - 250V (ENEC), 120 - 277V (UL).
    Absolute input voltage range AC: 108 - 305V.
    Nominal input voltage range DC: 120 - 250V.
    Maximum input current AC: 0.35A @ 120V, 0.15A @ 277V.
    Input frequency range: 50 - 60 Hz.
    Efficiency at full load: 84%.
    Power factor at full load: > 0.9.
    THD at full load: < 15%.
    Maximum inrush current AC: <100mA²s @ 120V, <100mA²s @ 277V.
    Surge protection: 2kV differential mode (DM), 2kV common mode (CM).
    Maximum standby power: < 0.5W.
    Size (LxHxW): 210x33,5x40 mm / 8,27x1,32x1,57 in.
    Weight (including products): 204 g.

    Output characteristics
    Maximum LED output power: 30W.
    Number of LED outputs: 1 (UL Class 2).
    Programmable LED output current range: 150 - 1400mA.
    LED output type: Programmable in 1mA increments within specified current range.
    LED output current tolerance: +/- 5% at programmed LED output current.
    LED output voltage range: 2 - 55V.

    Control characteristics
    Control channels: 1.
    Control protocol: LEDcode2, DALI-2 Device type 6 & Pulse dimming.
    Dimming range: 100% - 1%.
    Dimming curve options: Logarithmic (default), Linear.
    Dimming method: Hybrid HydraDrive.
    Time delay to standby: <25s.

    Environmental conditions
    Operating ambient temperature (Ta) range: -20 ºC to +50 ºC, for output current ≤1050mA, -20 ºC to +40 ºC for output current >1050mA.
    Maximum operating case temperature (Tc max): 85 ºC.
    Lifetime: 50,000 hours at a maximum case temperature (Tc) of 85 ºC.

    For the product no accessories are related, for more information please consult the catalogue or the relevant user manual


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