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Immagine Principale
  • GH080F
  • GH080F
  • GH080F
  • GH080F
  • The new stackable GH800F Fazer integrates the features of a rugged flight case in its new packable design. The state-of-the-art air pump system mixes fog and air to produce a fine, dry fog with minimal fluid consumption, for example, one liter of ProLights’s heavy fog liquid will provide five hours of continuous fogging. Performance meets reliability in this new design: the extremely dry fog output leaves no residue, and no liquid is left inside the heater, achieving a longer life cycle for this critical component.
    The GH800F also features built-in DMX functionality and silent operation , making it suitable for the widest variety of theatrical and stage applications.

    Technical specification
    • Power : AC 220-240V,50Hz
    • Heater : 800W
    • Output : 3000 cu.ft / min
    • First Heat-up Time : 100 Sec
    • Fluid Consumption : 5 hr / liter (100% Output)
    • Tank Capacity : 2.7 liter
    • Noise level: 42dB @5m
    • Control : Blue LCD screen , Timer mode , Volume mode
    • Weight : 20.5 Kg
    • DMX : On board
    • DMX Channel Occupied : 2 Channels (one for fog output;one for fan output)
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 508x236x550mm
    • Liquid Used : FL5LD Liquid
    Accessory Code
    GH080F (optional)
    H100F (optional)
    End of life
    Low-Density FOG/FAZE machine fluid, water-based, 5L tank
    GH080F (optional)
    ANTZ390E (optional)
    ANTZ350E (optional)
    ANTF7E (optional)
    ANTF5DE (optional)
    ANTF1E (optional)
    ANTF4 (optional)
    ANTZ380E (optional)
    ANTIP1000E (optional)
    ANTWIFI800E (optional)
    H100F (optional)
    High-Density FOG/FAZE machine fluid, water-based, 5L tank
    GH080F (optional)
    ANTDNG100E (optional)
    ANTICE101E (optional)
    ANTIP1000E (optional)
    ANTWIFI800E (optional)
    H100F (optional)
    Low-Density FOG/FAZE machine fluid, water-based, 5L tank


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