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PROLIGHTS lit up the brightest “RTL 102.5 Power Hits” ever

23 October 2020

The Arena di Verona has recently hosted the “RTL 102.5 Power Hits Summer 2020” once again, in full respect of the Covid-19 rules issued by the Italian Government. 

The event was held on September 9th, and it aimed to reward the single with more radio plays during the summer. Several famous Italian singers took part to the event, performing on stage and filling the Arena with their music.

Mod Srl, which is part of Rooster Srl, was in charge of the lighting project. Emilio Lombardi, owner of Mod Srl oversaw the works. Emilio said: “Because of the pandemic, the 2020 edition of the RTL Power Hits has been different comparing with previous years. The stage was not on the South side of the Arena. Instead, it was in the middle. The chairs that usually fill the grounds were removed to give us the chance to assemble the stage and to work safely. With those changes, it was equally important to make the event and the venue even more stunning than before. That's why the lights were key”.

Lighting Designer Francesco De Cave drew up the list of the products and installed the fixtures himself. He picked PROLIGHTS SunBar 2000FC, EclCyclorama 100, SunBlast 3000FC, Stark 1000, SunRise 4, Solar and Luma 1500SH.

Commenting about the choice of products, Francesco De Cave said: ”The SunBlast and SunBar were mounted on the risers at the back of the stage, acting as the perfect lighting background needed for the cameras.

In my opinion, the EclCyclorama bars are a very good asymmetrical projectors, perfect for backgrounds. In this specific production I used them to light up the musicians from downstage and avoid shadows under the chin.

Finally, the SunBars 2000FC were used to create amazing lighting effects caught by drones, bringing to life the audience's seats that were empty due to the restrictions. These fixtures are amazingly bright, each one composed by 8 cells. We used a Hog 4 for the pixel mapping, as it gave me the chance to create and play a multitude of effects”.

Emilio Lombardi continued: “The icing on the cake was to install more than 300 SunBar, both on stage and on the grounds of the Arena, positioned so that they could display the RTL Power Hits' logo. This was also designed and created by Francesco De Cave. 

Everything has made the atmosphere very particular, and the final result has been just amazing! No one before has ever had the chance to light up the Arena with 1200 lighting fixtures. The client was thrilled about it, of course.

PROLIGHTS products always exceed expectations. We're always able to get the most out of the wide range of effects they offer and, eventually, each project proves to be an unparalleled experience”.

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