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EclFresnel CT+ Series - Revolutionizing LED Fresnels

07 November 2023

PROLIGHTS proudly introduces the EclFresnel CT+ series, an innovative range of LED Fresnel fixtures designed to redefine the standard in the category. With an newly engineered 6-color Spektra calibrated LED source, designed and manufactured in Europe, this series sets industry standards for performance, versatility, and control.

Comprising six fixtures, the EclFresnel CT+ series caters to a wide range of lighting needs. It is thoughtfully divided into three sizes, ensuring seamless integration into indoor theaters, studio sets, and demanding outdoor on-location Film with IP65-rated models. The size consistency simplifies setup and enhances adaptability.

- S and S IP models: Featuring a 200 Watt Fresnel with a 150 mm (6 inches) lens.

- M and M IP models: Boasting a 350 Watt source paired with a 200 mm (8 inches) lens.

- L and L IP models: The largest in the range, housing a powerful 600 Watt source with a 250 mm (10 inches) lens.

The new 6-color Spektra calibrated LED sources significantly boost flux across whites (average 30% higher in white than previous generations) while delivering exceptional performance on mixed colors and primaries with a 15% increased gamut and two times the flux on colors than previous models. These fixtures achieve outstanding scores in Color rendering, R9, and TLCI, and can enable an SSI optimized mode, elevating the quality of lighting output.

With a more compact light source, the EclFresnel CT+ series, coupled with a glass Fresnel lens, offers an impressive beam angle range, from an ultra-narrow 8° to a wide up to 80°, all while maintaining high efficiency across its beam spread. This combination ensures precise projection cutting with barn doors and produces crisp shadows without color aberrations.

The series comes with an upgraded Spektra OS, featuring a larger display and four backlit pushable encoder knobs. This provides users with an elevated level of precision and ease in color control. Explore expanded color control modes, advanced color filter emulation, and interactive real-time user color calibration. Selectable color spaces, Tungsten Emulation, and customizable PWM settings empower users to achieve their desired lighting output with exceptional accuracy and simplicity.

EclFresnel CT+ fixtures can also be operated using external power sources and batteries through the onboard 48v DC power input. The IP versions come equipped with a CRMX Timo Two wireless card onboard, ensuring seamless wireless control.

The adjustable yoke enhances weight balance and allows for height customization, tailoring the fixtures to specific applications. For further beam control, the optional Pole Operated Yoke with XY&Zoom expands flexibility in studio applications.F or those seeking even greater beam control, our optional PC lens kit replaces the Fresnel with a Plano Convex optical unit.
From dry hires to TV and film sets, grand theaters to intimate stages, the EclFresnel CT+ series redefines the standard in lighting technology, offering unparalleled performance and versatility. 
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