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  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • ARCLED4312WX
  • Code Finishing Avail.
    ARCLED4312WXMR Mirror
    ARCLED4312WXBK Black
    ARCLED4312WX is the first LED luminaire in the Prolights range conceived to guarantee a totally wireless operation. The internal battery pack allows a 12 hours autonomy (continuous operation) and the DMX input is provided by a 2.4 GHz antenna receiver.
    ARCLED4312WX employs 12 CREE 3W LEDs with Full-Color calibration system for outstanding performance even in outdoor application or architectural lighting projects.
    The 6-units optional carrying Roadcase is also suitable as battery-charger though the external Powercon socket.
    ARCLED4312WX is a versatile, innovative and portable lighting fixture, designed to match all kinds of applications as wall/background luminaire where the venue does not allow fixed laying of cables or energy consumption limitation.

    Light source and optics
    • 12 x 3W high-efficiency CREE RGB/FC LED
    • Lumen: >800. Lux@2m: 333@5m
    • Energy-saving LEDs employed, with more vivid colours and lower power consumption than traditional lamps
    • Colour synthesis: Tricolor colour mixing (>16 million colours) for a limitless colour range
    • White temperature presets: 3200K~10000K
    • Installed optics: 16°
    • Beam angle: 17°. Field angle: 32°
    • LED blocks inclination: Independent screw stepless adjustment of LED blocks
    • LEDs average life span: >50'000 h

    Electronics and features

    • Several DMX selectable configurations (3, 4, 5, 6, 12 channels) for advanced or basic controlling
    3 channels: RGB
    3 channels: HSV
    4 channels: dimmer, RGB
    5 channels: dimmer, RGB, strobe
    6 channels: Block1 (RGB), Block2 (RGB)
    12 channels: dimmer, BLOCK1 (RGB), BLOCK2 (RGB), macro, strobe, auto, auto speed, dimmer curve regulation
    • WDMX: Antenna receiver (2.4 Ghz) by Wireless Solution Sweden
    • LCD display user interface for auto programs execution, static colour mode, creation of custom shows
    • 5 different dimming available curves 
    • Master/Slave mode for stand-alone operations
    • Linear and “stepless” transition between DMX values
    • Flicker free operations (400Hz)
    • Silent operations, due to natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans

    Structure and Power supply

    • Protection: IP44 (indoor/outdoor use)
    • Frontal tempered glass panel
    • Internal Protection: IP44 (indoor/outdoor)
    • Battery: 12V, 24Ah lead-acid battery
    • Battery autonomy: 20 hours (color change mode),  12 hours (permanent white light)
    • Recharge operations: 6-units Road case with integrated battery charger or through external power supply
    • Recharge time: max 12 hours.
    • LED battery status indicator
    • Load/Storage battery switch
    • Dmx connections: XLR 3p Input/Output
    • Ergonomic carrying handle
    • Adjustable foot support for tilt regulation (max 10°)     
    • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Working temperature: -40/+45°
    • Weight: 13,5 kg
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 199x342x199 mm
    Accessory Code
    ARCLED4312WX (include)
    DIAMOND19CC (optional)
    DIAMOND19 (include)
    DIAMOND19TW (include)
    DIAMOND7 (optional)
    LUMA700 (include)
    WR24ANG5 (optional)
    CRYSTAL (optional)
    DIAMOND37 (include)
    LUMA1500SH (include)
    STARK1000 (include)
    STARK400 (include)
    AIR18Z (optional)
    LUMA1500SP (include)
    ONYX (optional)
    MOONSTONE (optional)
    RAZOR440 (include)
    AIR6PIX (optional)
    JADE (include)
    STARK1000CC (optional)
    CROMOWASH601 (optional)
    STARK400CC (optional)
    RUBY (optional)
    LUXOR (optional)
    AIR5FAN (optional)
    WDMX, antenna 2.4Ghz 2dBi omnidirectional, folding, SMA-male, indoor


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