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Immagine Principale
  • AVOD9VCC02
  • AVOD9VCC02
  • AVOD9VCC02
  • AVOD9VCC02
  • AVOD9VCC02
  • The same intuitive, integrated control but with a smaller footprint. The Diamond 9-215 is a more compact version of the flagship visual canvas controller in our collection.

    The most demanding shows require the most harmonious visual control experience. Up to 11 internal screens, with the option of 2 additional external screens, all powered by Avolites software, provides unrivalled focus and vision.

    The Avolites D9 console goes far beyond the aesthetics. It provides more intuitive media control integration for visual designers. Building on the ground-breaking Synergy software, released in October 2019, allowing seamless integration between media server and lighting control, the D9 brings this to your fingertips with intuitive design and layouts, ideal for media playback and integrated control.

    15 motorised touch-sensitive penny & giles faders - designer fader cap
    11-segment rgb led level indicator alongside each fader
    Halo rgb for each playback
    30 optical rotary touch sensitive playback encoders with push function - designer knob
    11-segment rgb led level indicator alongside each encoder
    Rgb halo for each encoder
    90 c&k playback function buttons with positive haptics for timing - designer button cap
    40 optical rotary assignable encoders with push function - designer knob
    2 x 15.6" 1000nits 1920*1080 capacitive touchscreens with adjustable brightness
    3 x 4.3" 1000nits 800x480 preview touchscreens for media or workspaces
    Softkey menu touchscreen
    Independent paging for each playback section
    Programming buttons all rgb backlit, short travel cherry® mx low profile switches
    5 custom rgb backlit optical attribute encoders
    Dedicated level wheel, machined aluminium with colour lcd status screen
    T-bar with 5 control buttons and a colour lcd status screen
    Dual, motorised, touch-sensitive, master cue list fader control with 9 buttons
    7" dual-touch high-brightness 800*1280 programming screen
    Full custom backlit qwerty keyboard in drawer, keys identical to program panel
    X, y, z, optical trackball
    21 backlit macro / executor keys, all screen-labelled
    Supports two additional hdmi 1920*1080 touchscreens

    DMX 512:
    8 x neutrik 5-pin xlr, optically and galvanically isolated with halo assignment indicators

    4 x 1gbe neutrik ethercon, internally switched & managed
    1 x quad opticalcon 1gbe lc connection
    1 x 1gb ethercon, network 2

    1 x 10gbe connection to opticalcon
    1 x 10gbe neutrik ethercon

    1 x usb 3.1 under armrest
    1 x usb 3.1 on front panel
    2 x usb 3.1 back panel
    2 x usb 2.0 assigned for external touchscreens

    EXTERNAL DISPLAY: 2 x hdmi up to 1920*1080

    SMPTE: 1 x 3-pin neutrik xlr transformer isolated input with signal indicator plus 3-pin Xlr loop out.

    Gpio 4 in/4 out, isolated, and dry contacts
    ¼” jack for foot switch.
    Dmx512 dedicated input with indicator
    Audio input 3-pin xlr with indicator

    MIDI: In, thru, out on 5-pin din with signal and enabled indicators, USB MIDI supported

    AUDIO OUT: Digital s/pdif RCA

    MAINS POWER: Neutrik true1®

    Work light switch controlling connector panel illumination
    Neon indicator for mains supply and psu energized
    Internal ups for console and internal data switch
    110-240vac mains supply max draw of 650w

    Intel i7-9700k processors
    16gb ram
    AMD WX5100 gpu

    Accessory Code
    AVOD9VCC02 (optional)
    AVOD9VCC03 (optional)
    D9 - External Screen arm & pole
    AVOD9VCC02 (optional)
    AVOD9VCC03 (optional)
    D9 - Desk Light BRW LED 18” RA (2 required)
    AVOD9VCC02 (optional)
    D9 - 215 Flight Case
    AVOD9VCC02 (optional)
    AVOD9VCC02 (optional)
    AVOD9VCC03 (optional)
    D9 - 10GBE Fibre or Opticalcon option (Factory fit only)


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