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  • MICROR512G5
  • MICROR512G5
  • MICROR512G5
  • MICROR512G5
  • The W-DMX™ micro R-512 G5 receiver is the smallest, most portable and flexible W-DMX™ unit.

    Using our improved adaptive frequency hopping, data safe and invisible-wire technologies, and leveraging off our G5 radio protocol, the micro R-512 is reliable and easy to use.

    Single universe DMX receiver
    W-DMX™ G5 protocol
    High-speed frequency hopping – 1800 times per second
    Mount in any location on set, scenery or truss
    Battery compartment for 8 hours reception
     Invisi-wire high-fidelity technology – output matches input
    Datasafe technology – wireless fidelity and error correction
    Less than 5 ms latency
    Complete DMX512 support
    One-button-to-go for ease of use
    Adaptive frequency hopping radio (up to 250 m range)
    2.4GHz radio – license free worldwide
    5V USB power input
    Kensington security slot
    Compatible with all W-DMX™ OEM products

    Accessory Code
    MICROR512G5 (optional)
    WSBBF2G5 (optional)
    WSBBF1G5 (optional)
    MICROF1G5 (optional)
    WSWBF1G5 (optional)
    WSWBF2G5 (optional)
    WSBBR512G5 (optional)
    WSPBF2500G5 (optional)
    BOXT1 (optional)
    WI-FI co-existence tool incl. software


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