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  • Code IN OUT Avail.
    SWIXND4R3 01x RJ45 4x 3p XLR
    SWIXND4R5 1x RJ45 4x 5p XLR
    SWIXND4R8 1x RJ45 4x RJ45

    XND-4 is a user-friendly Art-Net to DMX converter supporting the distribution of four universes of DMX via four individually optically isolated DMX outputs. Since most major lighting consoles are capable of transmitting Art-Net data, XND-4 is all you need in order to take advantage of your console’s networking capability, allowing you to transmit a vast number of universes over one single network cable. In some cases, users may profit from already existing networking infrastructure.
    Further, the XND-4 is also perfectly suited to send DMX data to your fixtures from a computer or even from a mobile device. Many light controller programs for PC or Mac support Art-Net output natively and with the help of XND-4’s DHCP capability, you can even let your workplace network infrastructure do the network configuration of your XND-4 automatically for you.
    With its 128x64 pixels OLED display, however, configuring the network and setting up your Art-Net preferences manually is no trouble at all and the helpful status information is always at hand.
    If two controllers send data to the same universe, XND-4 automatically merges the DMX data, which makes the integration of a backup lighting controller straightforward and may prove helpful for fixture testing during the setup of an installation.

    Art-Net to DMX converter for 4 independent universes
    Supports Art-Net I, II and 3
    4 individually optically isolated DMX outputs
    Graphic display and encoder knob for easy configuration and precise status information
    Quick access button for each DMX output port for quick selection of Art-Net universe
    Neutrik powerCON input and output
    Universal power supply

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